Burning Question: Take It Off?

When it comes to shoes in your house, what’s the deal? Do you have an always-off-at-the-door policy? Do you wear them inside and out without a second thought? Do you encourage kids to remove their shoes while adults may leave them on if you’re hosting a party? Or do you have that pile of adult shoes near the door with guests walking around in their socks or stockings when you have people over for dinner?

We’re itching to hear where you stand on the issue. In fact, we whipped up this handy little poll to keep everything tabulated:

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And we’d love to hear more about why you voted the way you did, so feel free to comment away with more details.

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  1. Christin says

    I think it really depends. In the winter it gets really messy out here, so we try to take off shoes right away when we walk in the door, and same with guests. But other than that generally we and guests wear shoes in the house and it’s ok. It’s basically a rule of if it’s messy or wet out – take them off. If it’s nice out, leave ’em on if you like.

  2. Alissa says

    We almost always take off our shoes at the door, and keep a shoe rack just below our coat rack. But…if other people want to leave their shoes on, that is fine with me. I have certainly been stuck having to take my shoes off, only to realize that my socks have an embarrassing hole or are on inside out, and I don’t want to put anyone else in that position!

  3. maryann says

    Rain, snow & mud, kids shoes off. Adults who know how to wipe their feet on the outside & inside mats, shoes on. :)

  4. Louise says

    My husband is gung ho on shoes off but I don’t mind. I don’t feel comfortable walking around other people’s houses in socks (I’m short) or in bare feet (my husband thinks that’s gross but surely I can’t be expected to wear socks everywhere!!)
    So unless ladies are wearing heels I say “keep your shoes on” before Hubs can say anything.
    What’s the point of having fab shoes if you have to take them off. (Of course I ignore the germ on the bottom of shoes factor).

  5. says

    We try not to wear our shoes in the house, and we take off the kiddo’s sneakers when we bring him inside, but if someone stops by to chat in the kitchen, or they come through the deck sliding doors, we don’t say a word if they want to hang out with their boots on. It doesn’t take long to tidy the dirt afterwards, and we like our guests to feel comfortable.

  6. michelle says

    We live in Saskatchewan so really there is no choice in the shoe removal, we have to much snow. In the summer its ok to wear you sandles in the house on the main floor but only because its hardwood and easily washable.

  7. Angela says

    No rules – as a matter of fact I’d almost rather people leave their shoes on so that they can’t tell if I cleaned the hardwood floors or not by the color of their socks when they leave!

  8. Lucy says

    My husband and I take our shoes off when we come home, but it drives me wild when people require their guests to take their shoes off. I don’t think it is approriate to invite adults over and then expect them to leave their shoes at the door!!

  9. Megan says

    My husband grew up always taking your shoes off. I grew up wearing your shoes in the house. My grandpa (in his 80’s at the time)had a story that when he went to visit his brother (age 70ish) in Florida in a retirement community and EVERYONE took their shoes off at the door. So everytime they went to visit someone, they had to take their shoes off and then put them right back on a short time later! My grandpa thought this was the most absurd thing. The only time I MAKE people take their shoes off at my house is in the winter with all the snow. I’m sorry, but I just don’t like water all over my floor or that squeaking noise wet shoes make.

  10. Ursula says

    I have a strict shoe off policy for myself. But my husband has this strange love of wearing shoes. He says it’s cozy, and so he leaves them on. I don’t require anything of my guests; they can do as they please. However, I have really cheap carpet, two cats with claws and a dust problem (due to the buildings age) so I don’t much care. Have at it!

  11. Cathryn says

    We live near a major harbor, so winter can bring more than the average amount of salt on our shoes. We also have some large Egyptian carpet that would suffer if we tracked across them regularly. We think the Japanese are onto something good about keeping our home clean from the outside world. Shoes off!

  12. Brigid says

    If it’s messy outside (like it is here in Chicago this morning) I think most people know to take their shoes off when going into someones home to avoid puddles and such. Other than that, I really have no preference. I’m pretty much barefoot all the time so if my guests wish to follow suit, so be it, but I won’t force the issue!

  13. Tiffany says

    I think it’s rude to ask guests to remove their shoes. Kids are messy, so that is different. In my own home, I’m always barefoot.

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