What If Baby P Was A He? Mood Board Ideas For A Boy Nursery

After last week’s big nursery reveal we got a bunch of emails and comments from people who wondered if the room could be adapted for a little boy… and the answer is a big screechy and overly enthusiastic yes!

Thanks to many gender neutral decisions when it came to pretty much all of our major pieces (the wall and ceiling color, the dresser, the crib, the chair) it would just take a few accessory switcheroos (buh-bye floral curtains!) to easily change this room into something fitting of a little man.

So just for fun we whipped up a quick mood board to toss out a handful of adaptation ideas for anyone who’s looking to boy things up:

1. We took a cue from our two toned crib & dresser and decided to stick with graphic and modern fabrics (while keeping the wall and the ceiling the same pear and light aqua tones). And as for the color palette, we think the white and brown colors derived from the crib & dresser, along with a few hits of olive green would keep things looking fresh and lively without feeling too sugary sweet for the little guy.

2. This amazing wood mobile is nothing short of a work of art. And if we were feeling particularly inspired we could probably try to DIY our own version of something similar with a jigsaw, fishing wire, thin birch wood, and a bit of rich wood stain.

3. Switching out the woven ottoman definitely wouldn’t be a must, but this lime green pouf could be really fun- especially when it’s paired with the lively graphic lime & white curtain fabric that we dug up (stay tuned for more on that in a bit).

4. The deep olive tone in the solid colored pillow is meant to represent the changing pad cover and the crib sheet that could be introduced in place of our bright aqua ones. The effect would be more handsome than sweet, and the other more geometric pillow could add interest and pattern to the chair (in the place of the daintier light green lumbar one that we chose for the beanette).

5. Here’s the punchy lime and white patterned fabric that we think would make dynamic and masculine curtains while still keeping things energetic and fun (since this isn’t a man’s office, it’s a little boy’s nursery!). At just $8.98 a yard it’s cheaper than the fabric we picked up for our girl, and if it was layered into the space with the new pouf and the chocolate and olive accents it would really create a totally different look than the one that we whipped up for Baby P.

6. This woven pendant could take the place of our delicate aqua capiz chandelier, and it would still cast interesting squiggly shadows on the ceiling for any baby boy’s viewing pleasure. The loopy woven design will also keep things feeling kid-ish (it’s reminiscent of a coloring book) without going overboard with anything too baby-centric that won’t evolve and grow with your little man. And of course if it’s a bit beyond your price range, hunting down a woven shade and using a cheap light kit to create a pendant lamp would easily work on a dime.

7. We couldn’t leave out a fun wooden toy from Plan Toys (sold at Buy Buy Baby) to remind people that the space should really be all about function and livability. Many of the decisions we’ve made above (and in our nursery for the beanette) offer subtle function (for example: patterns hide stains). But the end result has to take storage and usefulness into account as well as style and eye-pleasing appeal. That’s why we think keeping the center of the room open for playing (as opposed to placing the crib so that it juts out into the middle of the room) and keeping baskets and bins of toys on hand (along with the added storage in the drawer under the crib and the double dresser) is a must. And working in a few feisty wild animal toys like this guys is the icing on the cake. Full disclosure: the beanette actually has the same alligator. Who says only boys can play with toys with big teeth?

8. Here’s our big statement making zigzag rug in the some two tones as our dresser and crib for cohesion with a bit of extra zing (thanks to the graphic pattern). We think just this rug and the curtain switcheroo alone would have our nursery looking guy-ready and super stimulating. Plus you could even attempt to DIY something cheaper by purchasing a simple brown wool rug and using white fabric paint to “stencil” on some zigzags of your own.

So all in all, keeping larger items (like furnishings and wall colors) a bit gender neutral in your nursery can always help if you’re anticipating that it’ll ever be occupied by the opposite sex someday. But then again, if you’re willing to repaint the walls and alter everything for your future bambinos then it might just be more fun to forget about how a room will transition from he to she or she to he and just do whatever you want. Goodness knows we live for major makeovers like that, so we’re definitely planning to reimagine this space as Baby P grows (and possibly redo it all if she ever moves to our guest room and another bean comes along…

Psst- Wanna see our nursery progress from the very beginning? Here’s our painting post, our big shopping spree, our crib hunting rundown, our curtain-making tutorial, our fun little chair search, our mirror-painting extravaganza, our DIY faux sheepskin project, our big dresser makeover (and subsequent drawer lining project), our closet makeover, our homemade crib skirt undertaking, our DIY mobile, our shelf-building adventure and our art wall makeover. Oh the memories…


  1. says

    Aww yee-uh. That’s awesome. LOVE it all.

    Especially the chevron rug. Would someone please buy one for me?

    And that crocheted pouf is perfection.

  2. says

    I think that’s what’s so lovely about your nursery, is that it’s great for baby. But it’s not so “baby-ish” male or female. It’s just simply a nicely designed room that belongs to a new baby! I know you’ll probably redesign through your child’s life, but the colours and decor could really carry the child throughout their life and even double as a guest bed afterwards! That’s good planning! Especially if you have another Baby P in the future (and perhaps it’s a boy) you could move him right in!

  3. hjc says

    I don’t know…I just knew that we were having a girl (no medical backup for my hunch) and decorated the nursery with flowered curtains – of course we had a boy. And his brother arrived 20 months later. Rather than saying buh-bye to the flowered curtains, they stayed in the boys’ room until they were about 3 and 5 and I painted a jungle mural for them. They don’t seem any worse for the exposure…well, maybe it does explain a few things (ha)!

  4. JoDi says

    Love the ideas to switch it up for a boy!

    That geo patterned pillow is awesome. I can totally see that pillow fabric as the curtains for a boy’s room with a more subdued rug!

  5. Jonel says

    I love it!!! I just found out I am having a boy yesterday and all along I wanted a gender neutral room so his wall/ceiling colors will be Dolphin Blue and Tangerine something by Mythic paint. I just bought them yesterday. I plan on buying the painting from Dwell fabric and incorporating the orange, green, and brown. If the babe was a girl, I would probably have added pink and yellow from some fabric I saw online.

    P.S. don’t think I forget but I will send in pics ASAP of my design dilemma. After having laminate floor for a bit, I have decided to refinish my hardwood floors and when all is well and done…hopefully soon, I will share the pictures. Everything else in the room looks great so far though. Thanks.

    • says

      Congrats on the news of your boy Jonel! And we’d love to see ow your Design Dilemma turned out- thanks so much for sending us those photos when all the decorating dust clears!


  6. says


  7. Christie says

    Great nursery! Its fun to see how it could be changed up for a boy.

    I hope you’ll post about cloth diapers (if you still decided to use them) in the future. ;)

    • says

      Hey Christie,

      We’re definitely still planning to use cloth diapers but we probably won’t post about our progress with them in the coming months because we like to keep things pretty home improvement and DIY related over here. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more “personal” updates on things like that though. Hope it helps!


  8. Jen says

    I love that the mood board shows the wall color as the background. That really helps me visualize the changes more than the little paint chip.

    I bet that woven shade could be DIYed in a similar way to the woven spherical light projects linked to in yesterday’s post.

    Looks great!

  9. Carmen says

    Lovely nursery. Love you guys. Love the adaptability of the nursery. Have you guys looked at strollers at all? Look forward to other posts.

    • says

      Yup, after lots of research and chats with friends and family members we decided just like we’re a one car household we wanted to be a one stroller household. So we snatched up the Joovy Kooper in black which should work from very early on all the way until our wee one is too big to be riding around in a stroller at all. We love that the seat folds all the way down for when she’s little but can also be adjusted into an upright position to accommodate a larger child. And the five star rating on amazon was pretty amazing too. Hope it helps!


  10. CarMaj says

    Love this mood board – it’s actually very similar to what our gender neutral room is turning out to look like (aside from the dark greens – we’re going more with yellowish hues)… can I ask, what sort of bedding would you add to this? We are having a heck of a time trying to find something that doesn’t have a lot of patterns…

    • says

      Hey CarMaj,

      Any bedding in that olive tone would be what we’d go with (solid so the curtains, pillow, and rug get to be the stars). Of course since you’re doing yellows instead of greens, that would work too. And we had luck finding cheap and simple organic crib sheets in a variety of colors at diapers.com. Hope it helps!


  11. says

    So cute!! This happened to a good friend–she was told it was a girl, had the room decked out in pink, and voila, out popped a boy. She was elated and crushed at the same time. A solution like this is probably the safest way to go! ;)

  12. says

    Thanks for thinking of us moms with only boys! This is great, guys. I have very much enjoyed watching your 3rd bedroom evolve into a room for your beanette but did always wonder what a boy YHL room would look like. Our youngest is months away from ditching his crib, so our boys will share a bedroom then. Starting to plan and this helps a lot! Everything in the stores for boys is trains, planes, cars, boats…not my forte.

  13. Haley says

    Well I’m 100% lady and personally I prefer the “boy” room to the “girl” room! I’ve never quite understood the girl=flowers and boy=geometric designs thing. Maybe this is due to the fact that I’m into math and engineering? In any case, I think they are both wonderfully designed rooms, for sure.

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