Burning Question: Table Talk?

This week’s big q is all about personal preference. What kind of coffee table does it for you? Are you all about a wood table for the richness that it adds? Would you rather have a plush storage ottoman for the hidden stash space and the put-your-feet-up effect? Do you prefer glass to keep things open and airy?

We’re itching to hear what kind of coffee table floats your boat. And what are your thoughts when it comes to shape: round vs. rectangular… or even square?


  1. Julie says

    A wood coffee table is attractive & multipurpose: I can hide remote controls in the drawer, use the sturdy, wipeable surface for drinks & food, and put my feet up (not good with a glass table)!

  2. says

    We have a parsons coffee table that we got cheap from Target. For Christmas my mom gave us leather storage ottomans. I slipped them underneath the parsons table to give us some extra storage for random things. It works well for us that way because we also have extra seating in the living room! You can pull out the ottomans and hang out around the coffee table with a board game.

  3. lindsay says

    I love round tables b/c I hate bumping the sharp corner of square/rectangular coffee tables (my dog seconds this). But square/rectangle ones are better for sitting on the couch w/ the hubby and having dinner & a movie at home!

  4. Christin says

    It really does depend on the space, but generally I like wood coffee tables. The one I have now is all maple that my hubby and his dad made for us. It’s gorgeous! Plus is has 2 drawers and a bottom shelf for storage (have to have the storage!). It’s rectangular and that works for our space and furniture set up. I do love love love storage ottomans though. :)

  5. Miranda says

    Forgot to add…In my sister’s space, I love her coffee table! The top lifts up to eating level or card-playing level. Love it!

  6. Monique says

    Well.. Since I just bought a lovely rectangular pine coffee table off of kijiji for $5.00.. I’m going with that. Rectangular.

    Painting the bottom white and staining the top dark walnut.. in case you were wondering! :)

  7. says

    I don’t see my option on the list….I love wide open spaces in my house, so we don’t have a coffee table! We own one, but I don’t use it as a coffee table.

  8. Heather says

    We needed a new coffee table since ours had a broken leg that couldnt be mended. Since we are expecting a baby we really thought hard about what we should get considering we didnt want to worry about blocking the corners on a rectangle table or worrying about scratches on wood and glass from all those baby toys. So we decided on a square plush leather ottoman that has amazing storage to store all those toys and the top flip over to reveal a tray so we can still entertain when the adults are in the room and need a place to put their drinks.

  9. says

    I have a dark wood coffee table that is padded with leather on the top. It’s great for our toddler daughter (she doesn’t dig her teeth into it nor does she bump it. Underneath there are two large wooden trays for entertaining and we keep two container store mesh boxes in there for out of sight storage.

  10. says

    My mother recently gave me an old wooden and steel trunk that she found at a thrift store for $20. It works great as a coffee table and we can store blankets and extra pillows inside of it. It looks great too!

  11. says

    This is the big Q in my house right now. I tried refinishing our old coffee table to match your nursery dresser. Yea… that didn’t work out as planned. Im trying to convince my husband to help me make this… http://sprwmn.blogspot.com/2010/04/reclaimed-wood-coffee-table.html … which I saw on Knock Off Wood. I’d love to have storage ottomans underneath it to use for extra seating and to hide random things. I love this… http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Avenue-Faux-Leather-Dark-Brown-Storage-Ottoman/3725836/product.html .. but we just don’t have the extra cash flow for it right now.

  12. Keren says

    Glass is too risky with kids and pets….possibility of breaking and gets smudgy….I like wood (either stained or painted)…the shape would depend on the space available…we have a rectangle shape…

  13. Maya says

    I don’t like how hard glass can be to keep clean (with cats walking around on the table), but I like the airiness of the metal base in your picture. I’m planning to have a friend turn a pair of wooden shutters into a coffee table for me… he knows how to weld metal into the legs!

  14. julia says

    I have ottomans in both my living room and den. I love them!! The living room ones have storage and are smaller – they are my favorite.

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