Burning Question: On A Pedestal?

Where do you guys stand when it comes to pedestal sinks vs. vanities? Do you love how light and spacious a pedestal sink can make a bathroom feel? Or do you appreciate the serious storage space that a vanity brings to the table? We’d love to hear more about how you really feel when it comes to pedestal sinks vs. vanities (does it depend on the size of the room? the style of the space?) so feel free to comment away with more details.



  1. Katie says

    I like both…

    I like vanities in master bathrooms or kids bathrooms because of the storage they provide…and pedestals for guest bathrooms where you don’t need to conceal much.

    But then, I am a makeup junkie and I have tons of stuff to hide ;D

  2. laurel says

    Love them (and have them) both, but it’s definitely tough to USE a pedestal. . . where do you put the curling iron and hair dryer when you’re using them? In the sink? I end up not using them :-)

  3. amyks says

    I like both also, as Katie says it depends on whether its a kids or master bath or a powder room. We put a very cool “pedestal” sink in our powder room, and then used wall hung vanities in the other bathrooms to contain all the toiletries and other bathroom junk.

  4. Christin says

    I definitely prefer vanities over pedestals. I can see how a pedestal would be better in maybe a smaller space. But I really like having the counter space and enclosed storage that vaneties offer. :) Those bathroom pics you used are super nice too!

  5. LauraC says

    Oh wow. This time I’m in the distinct minority. I have always loved the look of pedestal sinks (even when I was a girl I remember liking them) and I’m not too concerned with storage – there’s always a way to store things nicely. That said, there must be a two-inch flat edge to rest my curling iron on! I would love a pedestal sink for our upstairs bathroom, but hubby wants a vanity, so we’ll get one of those “hybrid” ones that are really narrow and the basin sticks out farther than the drawers. It’s a good compromise.

  6. Jessi E says

    I think pedestal sinks are great in smaller bathrooms simply because of the way they can open up a space. But in bathrooms that are used daily for showering and beautification purposes, I prefer a vanity with at least a little storage to keep things off the counter. I have am starting to love all of the vanity options with open shelving on the bottom. I think it provides enough storage to keep countertops clear while still allowing the room to feel airy.

  7. says

    I’m with the two ladies before me. Pedestal sinks are good for bathrooms where not much storage is needed, but for the bathroom I use, I need a place to put my makeup and hair dryer.

  8. says

    I’m going to have to echo Laura — I spend a week house/pet-sitting for my fiancé and there is NO WAY I could handle not having counter space. I’m not really that resourceful or clever in the morning :)

  9. says

    I love them both. We have very small bathrooms in our house and I would love to put pedestal sinks in both, but we need more storage. We are currently at a stand-still on which to choose. If you have any thoughts for extra storage with a pedestal sink I’d be all ears. :) Have a happy Easter young lovers!

  10. joanna says

    pedestals are great for a tiny second bathroom, where you won’t need much more than extra toilet paper anyway. There a vanity will just take up space. Big main bathroom? couldn’t do it without the vanity, but chose the smallest we could find.

  11. Amber says

    My mother and I are fighting about this very thing right now. I want to put a pedestal sink in my tiny master bathroom to make it feel bigger and more open. However, my mom feels it will definitely turn off future buyers because there will be little to no storage in the master. I’d love anyone’s thoughts on the subject and will be watching your poll!

  12. says

    I’m in favor of pedestal sinks. Yes, vanities offer more storage but I find them a breeding ground for hoarding unnecessary bathroom items…at least in our home. With a pedestal sink, I’m forced (in a good way) to limit bathroom clutter and invent creative storage ideas. Nothin’ wrong with vanities though!

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