Burning Question: Bonus Beans?

If you had an extra $100 laying around, how would you spend it to spruce up your house? Would you grab some gallons of paint and give a few rooms a totally new look? Would you splurge for some special accessory that you’ve had your eye on (like a fancy wall mirror or glass based lamp?). Would you snatch up a Craigslist table to transform with a bit of elbow grease? Would you put it towards some larger home-related purchase that you’ve been saving for?

We’re itching to hear where that loot would end up.


  1. Amy Wolff says

    I am so disgusted with my whole house…. maybe a few little accessories would help.. I wish I could start all over!!!

  2. Keren says

    I voted for transformative and substantial because I’d like to use the $100 to buy materials to build my boys new beds and nightstands. So much cheaper than buying them for $900 a piece!!

  3. Jennifer D. says

    If we had an extra $100, I would buy a decorative object because my husband and I don’t really get too many chances to buy them. We’re a year into our house and we’re still stocking up on paints, tools, etc., so to buy a home decor item is considered a treat since it doesn’t fall on the “need” list. We’ll get there tho, just takes time and patience!

  4. Becky says

    I would put it toward the addition that we’ve been saving up for! We live in a small 1950’s brick ranch (similar to yours, but smaller!), but it is only 1050 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms. We are saving all of our dollars up for a master bedroom/bathroom addition…which will open up lots more available space for a family – hopefully in the near future :)

  5. says

    I’m desperately in need of clothing storage in my tiny bedroom. It only has a small closet I don’t have a dresser in there yet. Last fall when I firt moved in my house, the neighbor was throwing away a decent sized dresser with an ugly mirror. I took the mirror of and the dresser is currently waiting for me to make a new life of of it (I’m still debating on if I should paint or stain it. Any suggestions?)

    • says

      Hey Joanne,

      It’s all about personal preference! For a rich and substantial look, go for the stain. For something a bit more airy an charming, paint is the way to go. And we have tutorials for both processes on our How To page. Good luck!


  6. says

    I have a mini sink hole that showed up in my driveway last week. I would put the money towards redoing the driveway. I know it would not pay for it all but it would help!

  7. Loren says

    We are in desperate need of a new couch, I really want to throw ours off the balcony.
    I’d love something modular, and the 100$ would go in my ‘new couch’ fund.

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