This Giveaway Sucks Freebie Winner!

Looks like we should have sucky giveaways more often. This week’s freebie of two weapons of tidiness from Bissell (both the Cleanview Helix Vacuum and the adjustable Pet Broom) received nearly 5000 entries, the second highest number that we’ve ever seen here on YHL (the record still goes to our blogiversary giveaway of a $500 Lowe’s gift card). Clearly the idea of clean floors is a powerful thing!

So even though Bissell can’t give everyone a free vacuum, they’re offering up a 10% discount off the purchase of any Cleanview Helix vacuum or any Smart Details broom, mop and duster that’s available on their site. Just enter “YHL” at checkout (through Mar 14) to score some discounted suckage for your soon-to-be-spotless home.

But back to the subject of our big winner. Once again we turned to to see which entrant swept the competition this week and that lucky person is… Claire B (who’s more excited about gardening than anything else this spring). Congrats Claire! We hope you’ve got some dust bunnies saved up to attack with your prizes (or perhaps some muddy garden shoe tracks to tackle very soon).

And fret not if you name didn’t rise to the top this week. All this talk of cleaning might leave you feeling tired, so be sure to swing by on Monday for a prize that will have you even more ready for bed (yes, that’s a clue).

Find more freebie info on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of Bissell.


  1. Kate says

    I bought this vacuum after you guys posted about it (our vacuum was just about dead, shutting down after half a room of vacuuming, so it was time). I really like it! I’ve yet to deal with cleaning the filters, but it cleans really well and I find myself wanting to vacuum a couple times a week (much to the cat’s dismay). It works really well on cat hair (on carpet).

  2. Clare says

    Thanks for passing along the discount – it’s a great price for a vacuum. Is there an expiration date for the YHL-associated discount?

    • says

      Hey everyone,

      Just updated the post with the info about the discount’s expiration – the 10% off is good through this Sunday, March 14th. Enjoy!


  3. Jackie W. says

    When I took my Oreck in for it’s one year check up. The vacuum guy was telling another customer that bagless vacuums will stop suctioning.

    I’m 50 & I purchased the Oreck last year & it is suppose to lasts 40 years so I plan on it being my last vacuum purchase.

    Then we had a toilet overflow into 3 rooms & a hallway. Now we have more tile than carpet. It works on tile also.

    I went in last year wanting to purchase a Dyson, but the vacuum expert said it was made of all plastic & wouldn’t last as long & need more repairs than the industrial Oreck I purchased.

    May be worth some time to visit a vacuum store sometime & pick the brain of a vacuum expert.

    The local store here also sells used books. So it is a vacuum book store.

  4. Claire B says

    Hey guys!! Thanks so much for the NEW vaccuum!! I love reading your blog, and I never expected to be the lucky winner of one of your giveaways! It might actually inspire me to get cleaning this spring! Looking forward to more great posts from you guys!

  5. Stephanie S says

    After reading your blog, I also ordered the Bissell from Amazon. Love it so far! My old vacuum was almost 21 yrs old, and cheap and crappy even when it was first bought. I can’t believe how much the Bissell picked up from a “clean” carpet! Thanks for your great blog!

  6. Stephanie says

    You sold me too! I just bought it off of Amazon. My current vaccuum is so old and heavy that my cleaning lady won’t even use it. I can’t wait to get this in the mail and start with all my spring cleaning! :)

  7. Gillian says

    Canadians are redirected to a Canadian site where you’re told to buy from Amazon or Sears, who won’t take the coupon? Can someone from Bissell let me know about the code?

  8. natasha says

    Hey you two!
    I know this is late, but just wanted to tell you we picked up our new Bissel vacuum this weekend and it works really well! The suction is great! Thanks for posting info about it on your site.
    Happy vacuuming! :)

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