The Four Seasons

With a snowstorm dumping about nine inches of fluffy white stuff on us this weekend (which is pretty rare for our neck of the woods), we were oohing and aahing over how pretty everything looked covered in powder. But it also reminded us that one reason that we love central Virginia is that we’re lucky to get a chance to experience all four seasons. Nice long springs and falls are pretty much par for the course along with the occasional snowstorm (three instances of accumulation in four years- just few enough to make them feel special). Of course we also get to enjoy the sticky summer humidity but it’s definitely a fair trade in our minds.

So we used our big-deal snow day to dig up photos of our house from all four quarters of the year. Here are a few seasonal views of the front of Casa Petersik – although we apparently have no summertime shots saved that were snapped from this angle (one more thing to add to our to-do list). Here’s our house in the spring (taken in April of 2009). Does it look familiar? It should- it’s actually the pic in our blog header.

Here’s our humble home in the fall (taken in September of 2007). Of course this old shot was snapped before we removed the yellow storm door, demo’d that country-looking scalloped porch header, retooled the front landscaping, painted the big gray gas tank to match the house, and took on our big porch makeover.

And here’s our house in the winter, sporting a nice little snow blanket (taken in December of 2009).

We were also surprised to discover that we actually had shots of the backyard in all four seasons. Here’s the view from the back patio, starting with the spring (taken in April of 2009).

Here’s the yard in the middle of the summer (taken in June of 2009, right after I mowed that crazy-green lawn).

Here we are in the fall (taken in September of 2008).

And now for a blindingly white winter shot (taken in March of 2009).

It really is nice to have documentation of almost every season from the front (and every single one from the back). Even if it’s just to dream of winter when we’re sweltering in July or reminisce about sunny spring days when the yard is covered with snow like this weekend. Do you guys get to experience each season where you live? Are you over in Australia enjoying the summertime right now? Is there one season in particular that you think makes your house look especially beautiful? Or one that you dread for all the housework it causes (leaf raking? lawn mowing? snow shoveling?). Do tell.


  1. Carmen says

    Summer is definately our house’s time of year. We’re very lucky that the previous owners did a spectacular job landscaping. There is always something blooming and I have pots of flowers and hanging baskets to add even more color.

  2. Carmil says

    Here’s an idea I am stealing from my sister in law ’cause it will work so well with my Christmas decorations.
    I snapped a snowy pic of our house in January and I will frame it to go with a collection of snow men and women that decorate an area of our family room. I had a grouping of frames that come down over the holidays while the “snow people” art goes up and needed one more pic in an 8×10 frame to make it perfect! Sitting below this grouping is a table that contains pics of my siblings and I as little kids in snow suits, along with nieces and nephews playing in the snow. Its a cute little thing if I do say so myself! I hadn’t thought of framing the house– blanketed in white– until I saw something similar over our recent family gatherings!

  3. Rosanne says

    I am afraid our house would look pretty much the same every season, living in Phoenix we don’t have the traditional seasons. Winter-Cold 60 degrees, Spring-Warm 80’s, Summer-Hot 100’s, Fall- Hot(sick to death that it’s still hot). I really miss the fall. Although, that’s what is great about Arizona, in an hour we can drive up north and see it, without having to rake it.

  4. says

    Oh, I love the 4 seasons! We definately have them here in New England. I have some nice summer and winter photos of our home and yard (showing nice green, plush grass; and nice white fluffy snow!), but I need to take more photos in spring and fall.

  5. says

    I try to decorate according to the seasons so that I feel inside my home the way that it looks outside. I also document the changes I make by taking photos of the mantel, front door wreath, place mats, etc.
    I enjoy all of the seasons (though some more than others) and appreciate them more now that I live in the Midwest again after 4 years in Houston, TX. There was only 1 season there- hot and hotter. Though I will say there is no more beautiful sky than the one in Texas!
    Love your blog and all you do!

  6. says

    You have a wonderful piece of land! You have my dream lot. I didn’t realize that you back on to so many trees. A lot like yours is hard to come by in our neck of the woods with all the new build homes we have going up around here.

  7. says

    I love four seasons as well! Although here in SLC, the winter is a bit long. It makes for great winter sporting though, and I really do love looking outside and seeing a new blanket of white snow. (It probably helps that I get to avoid the freeway most of the time.) Your house looks postcard-worthy in all the shots!

  8. says

    Tampa,FL looks the same year round! Because our weather is so consistant (hot) we tend to plant what grows well in a tropical climate…..when the odd chance that we reach freezing temps (first time I can remember was two weeks ago), all the plants die. I envy your seasons! Do you replant every spring?

    • says

      Hey Rachel,

      We actually don’t plant any annuals (other than some fresh tomato and herbs in the back garden) so all of our bushes and trees and flowers are frost resistant so they come back every year without any work on our part. Gotta love auto-pilot gardening!


  9. says

    In Portland, OR we basically have two seasons: Rain and not-rain. Not-rain happens late spring into autumn and is absolutely gorgeous. The summers here are warm and dry. No humidity, very few mosquitoes, long lovely days. We get an intense heat wave occasionally. Rain is what it sounds like… mostly 40s-50s and misty rain. We don’t get thunderstorms. We get a rare (very rare) snow storm that will shut the city down for days to weeks.

    I lived in New England before moving here which, of course, has dramatic seasons. I do sometimes miss that.

  10. says

    It’s amazing how different you house looks during the different seasons. I grew up in northwestern Connecticut, but currently living in Atlanta to finish my masters and I miss my four seasons!! The weather in Atlanta is weird during the winter (30 degrees one day, 70 the next) and hot, humid and sticky in the summer.

    What I love about the seasons is that they usually give us exactly what we need. I’ve always said that fall is my favorite season (I love the colors!!) but spring – after a long winter – is usually the season we all need the most.

    Does Burger like playing in the snow?

    • says

      Here Sarah,

      Burger does not, in fact, enjoy the snow. He thinks it’s wet and annoying on his feet so he high-steps through it as quickly as possible (to get his business done) and then runs back into the house and shakes everything off. At least he goes out in it though… we’ve heard of some dogs who will “hold it” for days and then have accidents in the house. He knows he has to get things done outside, so he just goes as fast as he can so he can snuggle under a blanket inside again asap.


  11. briel K. says

    Here in LA we don’t really get four seasons. Maybe like 2.5 or 3. haha It’s nice to see these photos! I love the beautiful snow ones!

  12. says

    I grew up in McLean, VA (and went to the same high school as John), and couldn’t wait to get back to DC right after I graduated from Wake Forest last May. My parents retired to Charleston, SC, and while I love not having to wear a coat for most of the year, I’ll just never fully appreciate Christmas lights on plam trees. I’m all about experiencing all four seasons — each one makes me appreciate the others!

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