Pop Quiz: Hue-man Resources

Ever thought your favorite colors could help you pick a career path? Well, we never did either until one of our readers (thanks Helen!) sent us a link to CareerBuilder.com’s “Color Career Counselor” quiz. It claims to use the Dewey Color System (which is referred to as “the world’s most accurate career testing system”) to point you in the right occupational direction, simply by predicting what may interest you most depending on which colors you like (and which ones you like the least).

As usual, Sherry and I took it for a spin. Sherry’s results said she’s primarily an ORGANIZER and secondarily a RESEARCHER. Some of the highlighted keywords – Systematic, Self-Control, Self-Motivated and Independent – certainly describe my better half, though the suggested career paths (Accountant? IRS Agent?? Budget Analyst???) involve far too many numbers for her. I think she prefers her own interpretation- that she enjoys organizing closets and drawers between researching furniture options for mood boards and whipping up posts about our progress at home. Plus you know we like to research every major DIY project before diving in so it’s not too far off in that regard…

My results, however, were far more accurate. I was said to be a CREATOR first and an ORGANIZER second. Although I might not be as “nonconforming” or “emotional” as they indicate, the first career listed is what I actually do for a living: Advertising Executive (and oddly enough, Interior Decorator is also on the list). Who knew my preference for blues and my aversion to reds said so much about me?

Now it’s your turn to take the quick test (just click here) and tell us how accurate you think the results are. Oh, and it’ll probably ask you to provide some personal information but you can just click “No Thanks” and skip that page without compromising your results. Have fun (who doesn’t love a pop quiz on Monday morning?)!

Screengrabs courtesy of CareerPath.com


  1. Tracy says

    My results were right on! Primarily I’m a creator according to the test – and the job descriptions were perfect! I am an editor, which is one of the choices, but the other jobs listed are things I would probably choose from if I ever got a new job! Thanks for sharing the quiz! :)

  2. Joan says

    I’m supposed to be a creator/social manager. Some of it seemed to fit, but I think I just like weird colors.
    Maybe moms are social managers by necessity?

  3. Christina M says

    Wow. That color quiz was spot on. I tested as a creator first (Nonconforming, Impulsive, Expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional) and a social manager second (Tactful, Cooperative, Generous, Understanding, Insightful, Friendly, and Cheerful). I have always been into the fine arts and I am currently an architect – these two elements are extremely important in my job! I could also be an art teacher or something else that combined the two. Thanks for sharing the quiz!

  4. says

    Very cool, thanks for sharing. Yesterday I was at my local coffee shop flipping through a free publication (can’t remember the name of it but it was the V Day issue) and saw your spread! Great picture of the growing family and always fun to learn a little more about our local DIY’ers.

  5. Erika says

    Supposedly I’m a “creator”. The key words fit my personality, but not what I want in a career. Hmm….maybe I’m just crazy! But that was a fun little test.

  6. says

    Wow, mine was right on the spot! I got Creator followed by Organizer. Apparently I need to get out of my IT job, but I already knew that. On to something more creative (hopefully!) soon!

  7. says

    I’m a creator as well, and my occupation (technical writer) is on the list! Too funny.

    However my second result (persuader) seems pretty off to me. My initial guess would have been researcher, based on the description in Sherry’s result. Oh well, still pretty awesome. :)

  8. says

    Ok, so mine was pretty much right on!! A creator first then an organizer!! If you all don’t mind, I would love to share this on my blog later this week!! Pretty cool!!!

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