Burning Question: Got Any Burning Questions?

We’ve loved getting your read on quite a few surprisingly controversial subjects over the years (from whether you prefer wood or carpeted floors in the bedroom to which way you like to dispense your toilet paper).

Some topics elicited way more responses than we ever thought possible (like this chatter about how early is too early to decorate for the holidays). While others got unexpectedly heated (who knew there were such strongly opposing views when it came to being pro or anti cul-de-sac?).

So now our big question is: got any more questions?

It’s not really that we’re “out” per se. There are always about a million things to ask, from what upholstery fabric you prefer (velvet? chenille? microfiber? duck?) to whether you like sofas or sectionals better (and why). But we thought it was about time that we asked you guys what big important home-related conundrums are plaguing you so we could officially add them to our roster of Burning Questions.

So what say you our curious readers? Is anyone out there dying to discuss the pros and cons of slate roofing vs. metal or asphalt ones? Anyone else wondering if a wood deck or a stone patio is more popular among our bevy of opinionated readers? Just comment on this post with any and all home or decor related burning questions (general ones where everyone can chime in, like “this vs. that”- nothing too personal to your house or your sitch) and we’ll do our best to address as many as we can moving forward. Sounds like a good time, eh?

Image from Google Maps (it’s actually my childhood subdivision).


  1. Christin says

    You may have done these and I just missed them somehow, but if not, here are a couple:

    Leather furniture or not? (especially for those people with animals in the house)

    Stainless steel appliances or not (especially with those with little kiddos with sticky fingers everywhere!)

    Clear or opaque storage containers?

    Dark wood floors and furniture or light? (like maple wood vs. oak)

  2. sonya says

    I don’t think this topic has been covered, but I’d LOVE to see a discussion on giant flat-screen TV’s – conceal/minimize or display proudly? Maybe also including creative budget-friendly ideas to conceal or minimize. My husband and I differ on this of course. Even though I love watching our new 52″ flatscreen LCD TV, I personally can’t stand seeing a giant black screen as soon as you walk into the room (with our open floor plan, you see it when you walk in the front door). I used to have a beautiful armoire to conceal our old TV, but alas our new one is too big and I can’t afford another giant piece of furniture. I have a fireplace in the room too, so I am trying to devise ways to move the focal point away from the giant black screen. ?

  3. Rebecca says

    What is your favorite household tip?

    Mine is that if you apply shaving cream to your bathroom mirror, it does not fog up…and no, it doesn’t streak upon application.

  4. says

    I am about to be a first time home owner! I have approximately 10000 projects in mind, but one of the first things I want to tackle is the front yard/driveway.

    Any thoughts on cost-efficient paving options?…. is gravel a bad idea (I’m in Houston)? Any experience with porous pavers like the Geoweb?


  5. says

    Have you – or any of your readers – ever used a hardwood floor refinishing product that can help cover over dulling, scratched hardwoods that have survived kids/pets, without having to sand & refinish entirely? (Essentially looking for a rec on a clear top coat that will create shine, dry within a few hours, and restore some life without the huge investment of having the floors entirely re-done.) Thanks!!

  6. says

    Oooh how about wood trim? Almost every I know has painted white trim now, but I think there are also people out there who want to keep the original wood tones. Might be an interesting topic.

    You could also ask people what design trend they have done in the past and now regret. For example, I didn’t do this, but the previous owners of my house have some wall paper trim and had some cheesy wall stencils of some grape vines going up the stairs. They also put popcorn texture on the bathroom walls. On the walls! Not the ceiling, but all the walls. Ugh.

  7. D. Dallas says

    I have decided that carpet is totally out of the picture when the house remodel is done . . . this includes great room, bedrooms, hallway, entry, kitchen,office, formal sitting area. I’ll go with area rugs. I cannot do hardwood because of a certain Golden Retriever. . . so it’s laminate. Is there big differences in brands, pricing, etc. as to the quality & durability of this stuff. Seems to be a lot of options out there and if you were me, where would you start looking?

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