Burning Question: Got Any Burning Questions?

We’ve loved getting your read on quite a few surprisingly controversial subjects over the years (from whether you prefer wood or carpeted floors in the bedroom to which way you like to dispense your toilet paper).

Some topics elicited way more responses than we ever thought possible (like this chatter about how early is too early to decorate for the holidays). While others got unexpectedly heated (who knew there were such strongly opposing views when it came to being pro or anti cul-de-sac?).

So now our big question is: got any more questions?

It’s not really that we’re “out” per se. There are always about a million things to ask, from what upholstery fabric you prefer (velvet? chenille? microfiber? duck?) to whether you like sofas or sectionals better (and why). But we thought it was about time that we asked you guys what big important home-related conundrums are plaguing you so we could officially add them to our roster of Burning Questions.

So what say you our curious readers? Is anyone out there dying to discuss the pros and cons of slate roofing vs. metal or asphalt ones? Anyone else wondering if a wood deck or a stone patio is more popular among our bevy of opinionated readers? Just comment on this post with any and all home or decor related burning questions (general ones where everyone can chime in, like “this vs. that”- nothing too personal to your house or your sitch) and we’ll do our best to address as many as we can moving forward. Sounds like a good time, eh?

Image from Google Maps (it’s actually my childhood subdivision).






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