Stamp Of Approval Freebie Winners!

As people who enjoy personalized/monogrammed things (what? it’s not girly- I love typography) reading everyone’s entries on this week’s giveaways gave us a ton of customizable DIY projects to add to our to do list (we’re already the proud owners of personalized art, mugs, towel hangers, paperweights and, of course, our personalized stamper from The Paper Cafe and Three Designing Women.)

But on to the giveaway winner. First of all, for the 3,700-some of you who didn’t win today, you sort of won anyway – The Paper Cafe is offering all YHL readers a special 15% discount on customer stampers and colored ink sets through Monday. Just enter YOUNGHOUSE15 at checkout. Not a bad consolation prize, eh?

Ok, now we’ll move on to the two lucky winners who will get to add to (or begin) their me-centric collection of objects with a free stamper (in any design), a bonus color ink replacement and an assortment of other fun paper items (gift tags, list pad, note cards and wine hang tags). We sent a beautifully addressed letter to and it lovingly wrote back the names of our two winners: Kate O. (the owner of monogrammed towels) and Shanna (who loves her monogrammed pillowcases and sheets). Congrats ladies! Now you just have to spill the beans about which design you’ll each be choosing.

And fret not if you didn’t win this week. We’ve got some locally “grown” prizes in the hopper for Monday so stay tuned…

Get more info about our freebies on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of The Paper Cafe and Three Designing Women.

Psst- Looking for a few DIY monogramming projects? Check out how we made wall-worthy monograms from old magazines and fonts we loved (both projects were cheap and easy).


  1. says

    A BIG “thanks” to John & Sherry for hosting our giveaway! I had so much fun reading your comments. Can’t wait to get in touch with the two winners and start putting together their custom stamp & goodies order! And for the rest of you, glad we can offer the 15% off discount for stampers AND colored ink sets too:) Looking forward to serving you at The Paper Cafe!


  2. Shanna says

    Thank you, Young House Love and The Paper Cafe! I am so excited to be one of your lucky winners. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, and I just want to say keep up the amazing work.

    As for which custom stamper I am going to choose, I am torn because they are all so cute. I love this one for its traditional style ( and this one( among many more. I have spent the last hour and a half looking at all of the goodies on The Paper Cafe’s site. You guys rock!

    Thank you again!

  3. candace says

    What a kick-butt giveaway! I’m going to sweet talk my hubby into taking advantage of the discount and get me some personalization goodies for my bday…which is months away but doesn’t hurt to buy ahead, right? Right?

  4. Amber V. says


    I am SO glad younghouselove introduced us to your site! I was given some stationary by embossed graphics years ago and I have been in search of replacements for a few months now.

    Your site and offerings are beautiful! I can’t wait to make my fist purchase.

  5. Angela says

    I ordered one of these glorious stamps to adorn the back of my wedding invitations. It really added a feeling of luxury and personalization without the cost of letterpressing or the hazard of wax sealing (I almost burned my house down trying that method out). Now I use the stamp on all of my mail and love it. Tres chic!

  6. says

    Darn! Oh well, I’m happy for the winners because they’re getting awesome prizes!

    Too bad the discount only runs til Monday. I’m going to be moving in a month or two and could use it then.

  7. Kate says

    Hi John and Sherry! THANK YOU for hosting this awesome giveaway! I am so happy to win! As a teacher I will be using the custom stamper frequently!!! (It might take me a bit to narrow down my selection though.)
    I’ve been following your blog since this past summer when my boyfriend and I purchased our first home. You guys make decorating look so easy and I love all of the videos and photos. Your kitchen makeover was gorgeous! THANK YOU, thank you!

  8. Daria says

    What an awesome giveaway! My fiance and I ordered a stamper and ink set with the 15% discount just now. We – well maybe just *I* – are planing to use the stamps for a wedding project, along with all of the wedding stationary, etc. So thank you and congrats to the winners!

  9. c allenson says

    Are you saying to win all you had to do is write that you have monogramed towels. Kind of a joke give away. For such a creative site-not a very inspired endeavor.

    • says

      Not quite sure what you mean, c allenson.

      As we mention at both the start of the contest and in the winner announcement, all of our giveaway winners are chosen completely randomly (via a third party site called Therefore someone’s response to the optional bonus question doesn’t have any bearing on whether they win or not. We just have found that repeating their answer in our winner announcements helps the one of many entrants with the same name (in this case Kate) to identify whether or not they’re the Kate who won (though we also link to the winning comment to be 100% clear).

      That doesn’t mean we don’t personally appreciate and enjoy touching and thoughtful responses like yours, it just isn’t a factor in choosing a winner. Hope that clears up your misunderstanding. If you have any other questions about our freebies, check out this page with our FAQs.


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