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First, we’re sending out a huge congrats to Remodelista for their win in the Apartment Therapy Homies awards this week! Though it’s pretty hard not to feel like beaming winners too (after being includes among such an amazing group of fellow bloggers and coming in at #2 after such a flattering show of reader support- thanks guys!). Oh and if you haven’t checked out the full list of over 600+ nominees on Apartment Therapy you should definitely give it a glance (just scroll down the the bottom of the page) – especially if you’re looking for some new reading in 2010.

We also recommend a glance at some of our other homies: our “da bomb” sponsors who help Sherry and I keep this little thing that we call Young House Love going. As we do every month, we’re giving them thanks (props?) and giving you a quick list of sources for home goods, fabrics, jewelry, art and inspiration. So check ’em out if you’d like. They’re the shizzle.

A Beach Cottage comes to us from Sarah, a London-born blogger who now chronicles life and style in a “tatty old beach cottage” in a seaside Australian town. If you love beachy style as much as we do, you’re bound to love Sarah’s Blog (you may remember her from this recent Reader Redesign).

Vol. 25 makes us smile. Whether it’s browsing the blog for inspiration or shopping the Etsy store for smile-inducing accents, Volume Twenty Five offers sweet and quirky designs (as prints, cards, shirts or even stamps!) that are sure to make people (and their walls) very happy.

Oliver Fabrics hooked up Nicole with some free pillows in this week’s giveaway, and still offers the rest of us tons of designer fabrics at prices you’d have trouble getting elsewhere (read: $40 a yard instead of $400 through a designer). And after dropping in on their new Richmond location last night, we’re even more excited that they’ve opened a shop nearby.

Design for Less is like a virtual tile inspiration board. And now that we’ve got our tiling skills down, we’re even more excited by the idea of bringing some swanky glass mosaic beauties into Casa Petersik (with a few smaller projects that anyone can do).

Z Gallerie is one of our favorite sources for all things white, ceramic and/or sparkly (and has been for years, even before they became sponsors). Lately we’ve really been digging their new Labyrinth and Modern Key bedding set, as well as some of their NYC (and other city) vintage art.

Emmy Lu is a great resource for amazing stationery and design (that you save on by printing yourself). Oh and did you notice that this week’s chalkboard Reader Redesign was actually sent over by one of their designers named Bethany? True fact! They’re almost too creative over there.

Etsy Kids sources and supplies all kinds of Etsywares made just for little ones. And you know we love their fun A to Z navigation, especially now that we can focus special attention on G (hint: it stands for “girl”). Really they have it all, from custom bibs and adorable handmade outfits to toys and art and more, there’s nothing that doesn’t make you say things like “cute” and “adorable.”

Century Finds is always fun to poke around for vintage treasures for your home (not to mention they’re in the midst of a New Year’s sale!). Plus they have a bevy of interesting recycled items that caught out eye this month, like kissing bird art made from old records and pillows made from weathered bank sacks. Very cool. Update: mention me & Sherry in the comment section of your order for 10% off!

Fame the Date is also in the midst of a sale (10% off with the code “BeMine”) so if you’re planning a sweet surprise for your Valentine this year, consider a framed date to commemorate a special day. You know we’re all about sentimental art, and their quality frames sweeten the deal even more (there’s nothing chincy about them so any date looks like a million bucks).

Lisa Leonard Designs is where you’ll find meaningful, hand-made sterling silver jewelry, like her new personalized Heartstrings pendant, or the aqua stone earrings that Sherry keeps getting compliments on (we even bought an extra pair for a friend’s upcoming birthday after she wouldn’t stop ogling Sherry’s ears).

Garnish is all about fun, thoughtful gifts and occasions packaged with care and personality. And this January weather sure is making the idea of a soup swap appealing – especially with those cheeky “Hello My Name Is” tags. Head on over for major entertaining inspiration and to peruse packaging that couldn’t be any cooler.

V for the Home is always worth a visit when you Richmonders are looking for some original, stylish and imaginative furniture and accessories that wow. Check them out in the West End at 5615 Patterson Ave (and bring a napkin or something to catch all that drool). You know how Sherry’s all about texture? Well they’ve got that down pat.

Blend Creations creates a blend of jewelry (imagine that!) for him and her in stainless steel. From their signature torus necklaces to quirky monster pendants and even your own custom designs, they really do offer a huge variety of modern pieces that feel both substantial and delicate at the same time. Oh and you can click their links to Facebook or Twitter for special offers too.

The Natural Sleep Store was our source for the Savvy Rest mattress that we curl up on every night before they even became sponsors. And now they have us dreaming of an organic crib mattress. The bean’s gotta sleep as well as we do, right?! is a way to get your favorite sayings (whether it’s a custom phrase or one of their designs) on your wall with style. And we love their understated typefaces and meaningful messages. Plus you’ll get 10% off your order by entering YHL10 at checkout so you can finally say goodbye to those naked walls.

Now that we’re done throwing down some mad props for our homedogs (homeslices? corndogs? man, I’m soooo bad at this) – we just wanted to say one last THANKS to our wonderful readers. We’re always thrilled when you stop by to see what we’re up to and you’re definitely our homies til the end. Word.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us @ for all the deets.


  1. says

    I thought you deserved to win :)

    And thanks for all the great links to the other sites. Y’all are the best! I’m adding them to my Google Reader ASAP.

  2. Kristen W. says

    I’m sure I’m probably way behind but just by the smallest chance that you guys haven’t checked it out, have you been to It is the ultimate place to “shop for home decor”.

    If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. You will be amazed and obsessed.

    And if you have seen it, well. This was pointless. Oh well!
    Have a good day!

  3. says

    I wish V for the home had an online store for us poor suckers who live nowhere near Virginia. Judging from their galleries, they look like they have some way cool stuff!

  4. says

    So many web pages to peruse, so little time! Thanks for the link list — I’ll definitely be hitting up each and every one of these when I have a spare moment or two. :)

  5. says

    Well I voted for you! And it was so tantalizingly close…

    Thanks for highlighting our New Years Sale at Century Finds! Proud to be a sponsor, as always!

    I’d like to extend an extra 10% off anything in store to Young House Love readers during January – just mention Sherry and John in the comments section at checkout and we’ll refund as we process your order :-)

    • says

      Hey Sophie,

      Thanks for the YHL reader discount! All shoppers: don’t forget to mention me and John for an extra 10% off of your Century Finds order. Wahoo!


  6. Chantel says

    I thought you guys should have placed first…you’re my #1 blog! You certainly are gracious second placers though, and I’m sure that you’ll win next year! :-)

  7. says

    Congrats on #2 place! That is still very exciting! You are my #1 decor blog!

    I love Lisa Leonard too! I just won a blog contest for $75! I have had a necklace of hers on my wishlist for my bday next month- now I will be wearing the necklace on my bday! :O)

  8. Jeannette says

    I just bought the two kitchen prints from Vol. 25 (Love and XOXO) for my new kitchen. I love their cute prints! Glad their getting a shout out!

  9. says

    Happy Runner Up – appreciate your graciousness :)
    Obviously your adoring fans know YHL is the best home deco blog on the interwebs!

    One question – I’m just dying to know…
    is it prnounced Eeeet-see OR Et-see???

    Anyone anyone? Bueller?

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