Holy Homeslice, That’s Us!

Holla. We’re donning our best homie gear (via Photoshop… is there any other way?) to pop in and say “really?!” and “thanks!!” to everyone who nominated us for Apartment Therapy’s Homie awards, a fun little year-ending blog love-fest. Over the last week more than six hundred home blogs were nominated (we had fun voting for a slew of them!) and we were beyond excited to find out that we’re one of six finalists in the “Home Design” category! For shizzle? We can hardly believe our slightly narrowed eyes.

It feels amazing to be grouped with such an ill (in homie talk, this is a compliment and has nothing to do with bad health) collection of bloggers. We still find ourselves shaking our heads and wondering how the heck we got here.

The voting officially ends tomorrow so feel free to drop in and log a vote for your favorite home design blog- whether it’s us or not! Everyone gets one vote in each category (like “Green Home“, “Home Cooking“, etc) so we’re also having fun moseying over to support other online reads that we love. If you’re already registered at AT, just click here (and if you haven’t registered yet click here and once you’ve confirmed your registration by email just click here to cast your vote).

Like we said, it’s a veritable blog love-fest over there and it makes us feel better than busting a cap. Whatever that means. We’re no good at this whole hardcore thing. We’re really more comfortable with terminology like “cohesive color scheme” and “functional floor plan.” Off to study urbandictionary.com a bit more. We obviously have to brush up on the whole homie thing.


  1. Briel K. says

    Ahh, you are 50 votes behind remodelista! You were in the lead when I voted for you the other day. Drat. haha Hopefully your many fans will vote! :)

  2. Vonda says

    We all keep telling ya how awesome you are! ; > )
    Voted for you yesterday but went out today to take a look. Check out the House Tour of a cute house here in R’mond over across the Nickel Bridge. Cute cute.

  3. says

    I already cast my vote, but when I clicked over there I saw you were neck in neck with Remodelista….I hope everyone pulls through and makes YHL #1!!! Woot Woot were #1 …. were #1…I mean…your #1, your #1!!

  4. says

    I love the idea of the Homies! Such a great way to give credit to all the amazing blogs out there, both big and small! I had SO much fun finding tons of new blogs to follow and add to my blogroll! Of course (Shhhhh… don’t tell the others!) you are my favorite (I cast my vote for you guys right at the beginning of both rounds!), and how amazing (and congrats) on making it so far! I hope you guys win!! LOVE your blog oodles and oodles!

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