Gettin’ Green With Martha

We recently walked into our second home Home Depot and what should we see but a brand new line of cleaning products on display right by the entrance. Apparently Martha has gone green.

Her new line is called Martha Stewart Clean and it boasts 99% plant and mineral based biodegradable ingredients in everything from all-purpose cleaners, wood floor cleaners, laundry detergent, dishwasher liquid, and toilet bowl cleaners. They’re even certified by the EPA Design For Environment program, are 100% non-toxic (which means they’re totally safe for kids and pets) and have no artificial colors or preservatives. Which is definitely a good thing in our book. Especially when you think about how many cleaning products have to be locked away under the kitchen sink thanks to their non-kid-safe warnings.

We love her whole “effective, responsible, and safe” approach to cleaning (even the packaging is 100% recyclable) so we just had to pass it on and see what you guys think.

Have any of you tried these cleaning products on for size yet? We assume they’re pretty close to Dr. Bronner’s line of castille soap available at Target (which we love for its plant-based and all-natural ingredients). And the best thing about our new Home Depot discovery is that they must work really well for big M to put her name on them… which we hope will encourage anti-all-natural peeps (some folks claim they don’t work as well) to give ’em a whirl and see just how far they’ve come. Who knows, they might be your favorite house-cleaning upgrade of 2010. And since January is all about fresh starts and clean slates it might be the perfect way to kick off the year with a bang. Or a good old fashioned scrub-down…

Psst- Wanna whip up your own all-natural cleaning solutions at home? Here’s a post full of DIY recipes for homemade cleaners that really get ‘er done. And if you’re wondering how we keep Casa Petersik clean, check out this pretty exhaustive post on the subject.

Psssst- Oh and of course we weren’t paid or perk’d by Martha (or anyone else for that matter) to write this little post, we just genuinely thought this new line of cleaning products was of interest and wanted to share it with you!


  1. says

    I saw these as well and was wondering how well they’d work. I haven’t tried them yet but I have a feeling people will buy them simply because her name is on them!

  2. Nikki Grove says

    I saw these at home depot this weekend too! I wanted to do some reading on them before I bought them as I’m usually a method girl. I can’t wait to hear what people thought of them on here!

  3. Brien says

    I’m interested to see how they compare to Mrs. Meyers stuff. I can’t imagine they could possibly smell any beter!

  4. amelia says

    i too have heard of martha’s green cleaning products. I’m a little skeptical about them (as i usually am with all products claiming to be “green”). Did you happen to take a look at the ingredients?? just wondering what it shows – any crazy, can’t say words i usually look out for! But if these are honestly “green” (and i guess they must at least be better then your toxic cleaners) I’m all for trying them out!

    • says

      Hey Amelia,

      We were totally “suspicious” when we saw that Martha was going “green” but she really went for it! Her new line doesn’t appear to have any of those hard-to-pronounce artificial ingredients or chemicals. It’s full of 99% plant and mineral based biodegradable ingredients and the label proudly boasts: 100% non-toxic, no artificial colors or preservatives. The entire brand is even certified by the EPA Design For Environment program and the packaging is 100% recyclable. It looks like Martha did her research! We can’t wait to hear from people who have given it a whirl.


  5. Kelsey says

    We also noticed and exclaimed over these on a recent trip to the HD. I’m thinking of giving them a whirl next time we need to stock up on cleaning supplies. Also love that the HD is featuring green products so prominently and I’ve always had a soft spot for Martha.

  6. Kim says

    The Environmental Working Group is a great resource for finding out the true scoop on some of these products. I didn’t see anything up yet about Martha’s cleaners, but I’m sure there will be soon.

    • says

      Kim- Yeah we love the Environmental Working Group (and their Cosmetic’s Database) for getting the real scoop on products. We have noticed it takes a while for them to pick up something new but we hope Martha gets moved to the top of the list- we’d love to know what they have to say on the subject of her new product line!

      Libby- Unfortunately Almost-Doctor Dan only comments on things he has personally researched or experienced in the field himself, so since his concentration isn’t in cleaning products (and he has no in-depth cleaning product ingredient knowledge) he refuses to have an opinion on it. Braniacs are so fair and balanced, eh?! I guess he can’t be an expert on every subject, right?


  7. says

    I would love to hear what “Almost Dr. Dan” has to say about this. There are so many new products like this coming into the marketing and its hard to tell which are using good marketing and which are truly legit.

  8. says

    I love your photoshopping. She looks a little Wicked Witch of the West :)
    I really like the Clorox green product line, but will have to give Martha’s a try.

  9. SarahV says

    I am using the dish liquid now and it works great! It has no scent, which is a nice change after the (overly stinky IMO) Mrs. Meyers. My dishes are completely degreased and shiny!

    • says

      Hey SarahV,

      Thanks for chiming in with your experience after taking Matha’s dish liquid for a spin. We were hoping to get a read on what people think after using it, and it seems as if you like it even better than Mrs. Meyers. Wow!


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