Burning Question: What Wood You Pick?

We asked a similar question a while back with regards to your bedroom preferences, but on the subject of the kitchen floor, do you like sleek easy-wipe tile, simple stress-free vinyl/linoleum or warm and welcoming hardwood/cork/bamboo? There’s definitely more than one way to skin a cat- er, kitchen- so we’d love to hear what you prefer underfoot. Do tell.

And speaking of flooring, here’s how to install peel & stick tile, paint wood floors, pick the right rug, and even stain a concrete porch– all without breaking the bank (or even much of a sweat).


  1. Sarah R. says

    Style wise the hardwood wins out. It looks awesome. However, have you ever seen a kitchen where the wood did not swell or warp around the dishwasher or sink? I have not. I know, I know, all the companies swear it will last forever but I don’t buy it.

    If I had my choice I would do tile. However, with small kids there is something to be said for vinyl.

  2. says

    I prefer wood in most areas of the house. I like how with age, it sort of grows with your house. The natural wear and tear gives the room some character without looking damaged. Plus it’s the natural feel that makes it so cozy!

  3. Travis says

    I have an old house (1920’s) with beautiful original oak hardwood. When I bought the house last year the floors were covered with carpet and tile. I have removed every square inch of carpet and will someday remove the tile from the kitchen. There is no reason to cover up that natural beauty when you can protect it with a couple coats of poly!

    Hardwood all the way!! Especially the wide planks like the photo above. Awesome!

  4. Yvonne says

    I tend towards wood/hardwood/cork/bamboo – Anything that has a natural look and feel since I love to walk around bare-footed. BUT as I am a wild cooker I also need a floor that can be cleaned easily and does forgive knocked over bottles, dropped objects and most of all water/moisture. We have a dark green lino flooring right now. Nice colour but I just hate the feel of it.

  5. Linda says

    I adore wood in just about everyroom of a home BUT our mudroom and kitchen have tile. It is so much easier to take a damp sponge when something spills and wipe it up real quick! Messy cooking in the kitchen and muddy boots in the mudroom REQUIRE tile :)

  6. Jason says

    Good Morning!

    Well – if I had my pick of all picks I’d say some type of natural stone/tile. My mom loves her hardwood kitchen. However, in the renovation of my house (getting close to moving in and that is scary thought) I chose vinyl. I chose it because I could get the best they made for a good price and put it in myself. I have been very pleased with it. It’s beautiful, cost less than 200 for my 10×14′ kitchen and was surprising easy to install. The prep work to get the old floors up and the new underlayment down was much worse. I have to say that I’m not sure why it’s so out of favor it really is a tremendous product they put 20 year warranties behind it how can you beat that? I would chose it again for sure! I’m bringing it back. I can send you a link if you like to see the product and I plan to send you guys some pics when I’m moved in.

    Delaware – J

  7. Kelsey says

    Currently we have tile b/c that’s what came with our house when we bought it. Since we live in Phoenix I like the tile b/c it stays nice and cool in the hot, hot summers. But we are considering sometime in the future putting in dark bamboo floors because that’s a look I love, nice and rich and eco-friendly.

  8. says

    Hey Sherry! First – I love your blog! Been a fan ever since I “rolled up” on it 8 months ago. =) Keep the great and inspiring posts coming!!

    Now to answer your question. I just posted something similar to this on my blog http://homeat6.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/kitchen-cravings/ because I’m trying to figure out which flooring to go with for my new kitchen. At first I thought, for sure beautiful wood flooring! But then, I saw yours and John’s absolutely beautiful marble tile and instantly fell inlove. Sad to say, none of the stores in michigan carry it. :( I so would’ve bought it!! So, needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing all of the responses on this post in hopes that it will inspire me! :)

    Take care,
    – N

  9. Nadia says

    Hi guys,

    I am in the middle of renovation right now and choose wood-like tiles.
    The rest of my floors is hardwood.

    And that’s our renovation photo album (for those of you who might be interested): http://picasaweb.google.com/pazaruvane/UDoma

    I have a question for you – what do you think about hardwood countertops on the kitchen cabinets? I use the kitchen a lot but would splurge on wood countertops if I receive some support from people that have already done the same.

    Here, in Bulgaria (where I live – see guys, you have fans all around the world :) people don’t use hardwood countertops at all and I could hardly find anyone so I can receive a real opinion – so what would you say?

    • says

      Hey Nadia,

      Ikea sells butcher block counters that are rich and amazing looking- they just get better with a little wear or tear. We definitely think as long as you keep them sealed (but food safe) wood counters can actually be a great option. Hope it helps!


  10. emily says

    I did finished concrete throughout the first floor in my house. It is a chocolate-y brown and looks beautiful. I live in Arizona, where finished concrete seems to be a bit more common than other areas of the country. The concrete helps keep things cool and it is easy to keep clean. In addition, switching out a couple rugs or breaking out some paint changes the entire look of my kitchen. I don’t have to worry about out dated linoleum or tiles.

  11. D says

    I will always choose hardwood over any other flooring. We have ceramic tile in our kitchen, because that’s what was there when we moved in.

  12. says

    We went with tile when we gutted the kitchen, but man oh man is it cold! It’ll help when we heat our basement (someday). Our problem was that the hardwood had been removed from the kitchen years ago, but was still in the rest of the main floor. We couldn’t find a new wood floor that really matched the rest of the floors and felt that the transition would be really awkward. So, tile it is!

    However – something else to keep in mind for all you gourmet chefs out there…tile is hard on your back. My MIL told me that before we put it in, and now I really believe her! At least it looks beautiful. : )

  13. Sabrina says

    Nothing beats the look and charm of real wood…except having to keep it up with multiple dogs and thier nails!

    We’ve always had to choose tile or pergo floors becuase of our fur babies. It’s amazing how real wood like some of the pergo floors look now.

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