Some People For Santa’s “Nice” List

Since Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick can always use some nudging about who’s been good this year, we’re taking a moment to thank a few generous folks who have been particularly nice to Young House Love lately: our sponsors. As we do each month, we’re popping in to quickly highlight the people who not only grace our sidebar, but truly keep this little site of ours up and running. So please help us show some love to this diverse group of companies and products- heck, you might even get some holiday shopping done while you’re at it.

V for the Home is new to our page, but not new to us. This Richmond home decor and furniture gallery always has great original pieces that are always beautiful, inspiring and even a bit daring. They’re definitely a “must visit” if you’re in the River City.

EtsyKids will likely be a frequent destination of ours in the coming years. This site corrals Etsy sellers focused on baby, toddler and kids into one convenient and fun destination. And they even organize your shopping in a playful ABC format (D is for Diapering, E is for Eating, etc.)

Emmy Lu offers up designer stationery with a DIY twist. Just select the stylish invitation, holiday greeting or birth announcement of your choice from their eye-catching collections and you’ll receive a print-ready PDF in your inbox. That way you dodge paper mark-up costs and can print as many copies as your heart desires.

Papernstitch should sound familiar, but in case you missed last week’s giveaway don’t forget to browse this hand-picked collection of handmade goods, art and vintage finds when you’re hunting for gifts this season. We spotted some cheeky holiday stuff that’s sure to make you smile.

Bright and Bold should also sound familiar if you recall their eco-friendly giveaway back in August. They’ve got all sorts of gifts for the people on your list who are trying to go green without sacrificing an ounce of style – like these coordinating Envirosax reusable shopping bags and eco-bottles.

Shades of Light will definitely be a pit stop of ours when we start our hunt for new nursery lighting. With their diverse selection (online and in their local store) we’re excited by what we might find for “the bean.” Heck, we might even come home with a new rug or some other furniture as well.

The Glass Mosiac Outlet (aka Design for Less) has never been more tempting to us now that we’ve got our bathroom remodel on the brain. Browsing their site will make you wish your bathroom walls were endless so you could try out every variety of gleaming glass tile that they offer.

Oliver Fabrics is another local, sort of. Based in nearby Charlottesville, Virginia, they’ve got a pretty awesome catalog of high-end fabrics that are usually only available to designers and architects. You can check out all of their posh wares on their site, which includes fabric samples, pillows, upholstered pieces and even custom rugs.

Z Gallerie probably made a lot of you drool this week when they offered up a collection of sparkly metallic holiday decor items. But perhaps the only cure to drooling is more drooling thanks to their boundless collections of holiday goods in gold, red, blue and silver…

Quirk Gallery founder’s home was featured in Domino. Her Richmond-based gallery is filled art, decor, jewelry, and loads of other fun stuff that embodies the style that landed her on the dearly departed’s pages. ‘Nuff said, right? Another must visit for locals looking for gifts this season. is not only home to tons of pre-designed and customized vinyl wall decals, they’re also where you can score a 10% discount on your order by entering YHL10 at check-out. Just be sure not to enter YHL10 as your custom decal text, because that would just look weird on your walls.

Cardboard Safari is charging right into the Christmas spirit with holiday themed items like tabletop trees and snowflake wreaths – all made out of recycled cardboard. Even their traditional animal head trophies give off that cozy ski lodge effect without endangering a single species.

Lisa Leonard Designs hand cuts and hammers a wide variety of antique and polished sterling silver pieces like custom designed necklaces and bracelets. I believe Sherry’s even not-so-subtly muttered the words “push gift” while perusing Lisa’s work recently.

Century Finds features a constantly updated assortment of vintage art, decor and goodness for your home. And now that you know why the Modern Design A – Z print caught our eye last month (we need this baby literate ASAP so he or she can help with the blog), we even found a few other alpabet inspirations that are totally nursery-worthy.

The Natural Sleep Store is the spot where we scored the Savvy Rest mattress where we’re currently spending a good chunk of each day (about 7-8 hours if we’re lucky). So we were thrilled when they later came to us as a sponsor. If you’re interested in getting some earth friendly action going on in your bedroom too, check ’em out. Wait, I didn’t mean it that way…

Garnish might just be your lifesaver this season if you’re hosting a party or whipping up a thoughtful gift for a friend. From boxes, tins, cups, tubes, twine and all sorts of containers – they’ve got preassembled packages to help you deliver a gingerbread-house-making kit to a neighbor or make an interactive tablesetting at your New Year’s Eve party.

Frame the Date got us thinking. When they introduced themselves to us this year we pondered what date we would commemorate with a custom frame and photography set (since our wedding date is already all over the place). Good thing something special’s happening in May…

Blend Creations is another spot that has Sherry dreaming of push gifts. Good thing I already know she loves their mother of pearl earrings. So I could go that route or maybe surprise her with another stainless steel necklace, ring or even my (still) personal fav: the monster pendant.

And now we’ll throw in a THANKS to all of our amazing readers. We’re oh-so-grateful for you guys everyday. Which is why we ought to send a lengthly letter to Mr. Clause this month. Anyone got his address?


    • says

      Hey Taylor,

      A push gift is kind of a joke around our house since it’s this semi-new tradition where the wife “earns” some meaningful gift for “pushing” (aka: birthing a baby). Some ladies get something fantastically giant like big diamond earrings but the joke around here is that I’ll take $1.00 onion rings from Burger King- or of course something lovely and handmade like the jewelry that John mentioned. Love ya honey!


  1. says

    I just commented… two more things…

    1. I’m now craving BK Onion Rings. We all know what I’m getting for lunch. Thanks a lot!

    2. All of you people who keep clicking my link, don’t just read my blog, enter the giveaway!!

  2. Britni Buss says

    Thank you guys for letting all of us into your DIY world, Road Trips, the upcoming lil man or lady, burger and so much more!

    Happy Holiday!

  3. says

    Hey, John & Sherry!

    I just found out about papernstitch this week from YHL. Thanks so much for sharing it. I’ve already got a ton of x-mas shopping done there — and what’s best about it is that it’s all handmade and relatively reasonably priced! I think it’s especially important in this bad financial time to support the art/craft community. My mother is an artist, and whenever we can buy handmade, we do.

    And the whole push gift thing is hilarious!

    <3 Ashley M.

  4. says

    LOVE Emmy Lu!!! I just recently found it and I am obsessed with it!!! I LOVE stationary and if I were more computer savvy, I would be designing it!!! Love it!

  5. Kylee says

    John, the term is ‘push present.’ The alliteration makes it roll off the tongue a little more. And I say get her the mother of pearl earrings!

  6. says

    Totally random comment but I read The Nest Home Design Handbook and totally thought their set-ups were not as nice as yours (I can’t remember if I found out about the book through YHL or not). Anyway, I’m glad I just checked it out from the library. I would BUY a book of your designs.

    Just sayin’

  7. Lisa says

    If you like that alphabet poster from CenturyFinds, here’s one I came across on a different site, which was linked to a gift guide on House Beautiful: My godmother’s son and daughter-in-law are adopting a baby from Ethopia and doing the room in lime green and navy so the lime and blues print would be perfect! And aside from that, the prints are sized to fit Ikea frames.

  8. Lisa says

    After seeing them on your blog I ordered a date from Frame the Date. It arrived last week and it is beautiful! I haven’t hung it up yet – it is going to be worked into a collage and I need to finish framing the photographs. Thanks for the tip.

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