Home For Z Holidays Freebie Winner!

Reading all of your holiday entertaining plans on this week’s giveaway really got us in the mood for the seasonal festivities. Hope you don’t mind if we decide to crash some of the parties you guys are throwing. We promise we won’t each. Much. Well, I take that back – one of us is eating for two after all. What if we promised to bring you some glimmering holiday goodies from Z Gallerie in return? Then do we officially gain permission to stuff our faces?

Well, as much as we’d love to bribe our way into all of your parties with these sparkly Z Gallerie decor items, we’ve only got one set to give away to one lucky guy or gal. So after hyponotizing random.org with the two ribbed Antique Mercury Votive Cups, silver Antique Mercury Hurricane and Puccini Hiball glasses in this week’s prize pack, it randomly revealed our winner’s name: Brooke (whose party staples are good wine, good treats, a crackling fireplace and Christmas music). Congrats! Now when should we come over? Just kidding. Sort of.

As for next week, we’ve got a prize for one of you (no matter where you live in the world!) that’ll help you spread holiday cheer all year long. Fun, fun, fun…

Get more info about our freebies on our Giveaway FAQs page. Images courtesy of Z Gallerie.


  1. Jenifer says

    You both can come eat with us for Christmas, if you don’t mind a trip to Wisconsin. ;) You would have to fight my sister-in-law for food though, as she’s also pregnant.

    Congrats to Brooke on winning those awesome glasses and candle holders!

  2. Brooke says

    THANK YOU ever so much! What a fabulous holiday surprise!

    My bare fireplace mantel is in serious need of some new festive, shimmering decor, so this prize could not be more perfect.

    This will definitely make my holidays brighter (even in the literal sense)!

    Thanks again and happy holidays to all!

    P.S. John and Sherry – You are welcome at our place any time! I’ll make sure the wine is open and the cookies are in the oven. Just bring your mittens. It’s snowing here in Chicago today!

  3. Annie says

    Y’all are invited to our place for the holidays!! As long as you don’t mind a guided tour of our home with a stop for any and all design questions from me. If you’re good with that, well then … welcome to Spokane!!!

  4. says

    Congratulations! So glad you are eating for two! I’m excited to see your design ideas in a kid friendly home. I love your style. But some of it is so unrealistic for me. The only thing on my coffee table is footprints from kids who use it as a launch pad for flips onto the couch. Keep the good (kid friendly) ideas coming.

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