Color Study: How Wall Color Can Affect Your Mood

Now that my bun in the oven is totally “out” (there’s nothing like announcing it to the world at large) I’m liberated to admit things like “lately I’ve been reading nursery decorating books.” And my favorite one so far is Feathering The Nest by Tracy Hutson. But wait, don’t tune out yet all of you non-baby people…

Because not only is it packed with gorgeous eye candy (much of which is totally green and intentionally geared towards stimulating baby’s brain and keeping children’s safety in mind), it also has lots of interesting researched information, like a detailed write up about the impact of color. And it’s not just baby-skewed. Many of the color studies were performed on grown ups too, so imagine our surprise when we read things like “couples argue most in yellow kitchens.” Here’s an eye-opening rundown of each color and what some studies suggest that it means to the people around them (all according to Feathering The Nest):











So what do you guys think? Does it have you rethinking any color choices you’ve made in your home? We’re relieved to hear that blue may encourage people to be trustworthy, committed and dependable since it’s our bedroom choice. Whew. And how about that yellow kitchen bombshell? We’ve seen tons of them and they always seem so cheerful. Let’s talk about color… and how it makes you feel.






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