Burning Question: Just Coasting?

All the impending holiday parties that everyone will be throwing and attending got us thinking about… coasters of all things. Most homes are either a please-use-coasters zone or a we-don’t-own-a-single-coaster area. Which one are you? Do those of you who go without just embrace drink rings or do you have some secret formula (or fabulous furniture) to ward them off? And do those of you who use them regularly have a favorite type (metal? monogrammed? glass with a photo slipped inside?). Do tell.

And we’d love guesses about which type we are. The answer might just surprise you…


  1. says

    My sister-in-law always has adorable sparkly coasters she finds at Pottery Barn. And with my big move to a new apartment right around the corner, I plan on entertaining often. So I purchased two sets of these great slate coasters from Anthropologie – they come with a piece of chalk so guests can doodle or write their names on them. Fun, eh?



  2. D says

    We are a ‘please use a coaster’ household. But, it’s much more my boyfriends doing than mine. We don’t have any ‘favorites’.

    My guess is that you’re a ‘we have no coasters’ kind of couple…I don’t think I’ve seen any in your pictures and you said that the answer may surprise us.

  3. MegM says

    Since we’re big tea-drinkers in our family (among other things), we’re pretty much coaster fans. Currently, we’re using a wood-and-cork combination of coasters, but will be asking for some monogrammed ones (similar to your picture!) for the wedding. :-)

    As a kid, my mom had some pretty ugly plastic-and-foam coasters that we used as some pretty awesome weapons; suddenly one or two would go missing and she wouldn’t find them until a week later, when cleaning under the couch. She still hasn’t figured out why her coasters ended up in such strange places.

  4. Sandra says

    We don’t do coasters, with the exception of my husband while he has a drink at his wooden desk. We use cloth placemats at the dining room table, have crappy don’t-care-about-this-furniture-anyway wood near the television, and don’t take drinks to the rest of the wooden furniture.

    As for you guys? I’d be shocked if you didn’t have coasters in every variety possible!

  5. ChristinaMarie says

    Coasters are a must in my house. I’m turning into my mother.

    I prefer glass coasters with either etching on the back or silver shapes in between. (I’ve found some super-awesome dragonfly ones.)

    • Nancy says

      I doubt that a wine glass will scratch a glass top surface but you still have to deal with sweating. On the other hand, a wine or beer bottle will scratch, glass scratches glass which is why Corning pots are not recommended on a glass top stove. I unfortunately believe, if it matters to me, it should matter to my guests out of respect, if I delicately hand you a coaster, please don’t argue that it isn’t needed….

  6. Amelia says

    My husband and actually have many coaster sets: cork, glass, plastic – 2 sets in the family room, one set in the great room. They are usually used – but we’re not super picky if someone forgets.
    As for you guys…i have to say your coasters would be made of some kind of natural material – perhaps yours are cork? or straw?? or maybe even wood? am i close?

  7. Amber says

    I’m guessing you guys are a non-coaster household.

    I have some cheap ones from Target I’ve been using for several years, but I’m dying for a set of glass monogrammed ones!

  8. Erin says

    I think you are a no coaster home. Your coffee tables are either glass or the ottomans so you don’t really need them. Am I right?

    • says

      Hey Erin,

      Bingo! We have leather ottomans, tables that we’ve painted and poly’d (so they’re totally drink-ring-proof) and a glass coffee table so coasters aren’t necessary in our house since we don’t have any raw wood around. We just knew people would assume that we’re super anal about coasters since we’re kind of obsessed with organization and order in general, but we actually don’t even own a single coaster to speak of!


  9. April says

    We have a glass coffee table and the kitchen table is tile so no worries about costers at our house! Although I do have quite a few for some reason.

    For you guys? I guess none.

  10. marianne says

    We have a few lying around on some antique wood tables that I really don’t want ruined, but other than those, we are a no coaster family. Ours are some kind of stone. I am guessing you don’t use them at all.

  11. says

    We don’t own any coasters. We have placemats on the table, which we only use for our laptops anyway, and our coffee table is a cheap-o intended for dorm use deal. That is pretty much all the furniture we have. Even if we cared about it, we usually have so much clutter on our lateral surfaces that we can just set our drinks on papers or a magazine or something.
    Our kitchen counter top does stain something fierce though. I dropped some vanilla extract on it and by the time I grabbed a paper towel there was already a little brown smudge embedded in it that won’t come out.
    My guess is that you don’t own coasters. You seem to prefer pretty clutter, and like Alaina, I don’t think I’ve seen coasters in your pictures. On the other hand, your rooms are always spotless in your photos. Do you hide all your junk before you take pictures, or does it really look that nice all the time?

    • says

      Hey Nicola,

      We actually get that question a lot. Our house pretty much looks like it does in our house tour since I work from home so I can just clean as I go (if I’m on a call I’ll do a little dusting, and if I’m waiting for my lunch to heat up I’ll do some vacuuming). Here’s a post all about how we keep our house ready for company (since our friends and family tend to drop in without a lot of notice). And of course our minimalism (aka: aversion to clutter) also helps because dusting is easier when there aren’t a million things to pick up and put down- and it also makes rooms look crisp and clean since there’s not too much going on. Hope it helps!


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