(Anything But) A White Christmas Freebie Winners!

We know you’re probably all itching to get your holiday on right about now, so we’ll try to cut to the chase. As you guys probably remember, Christmas is coming a day early for FIVE of you thanks to this week’s giveaway from Glidden paint. And being quite fond of Glidden’s color selections ourselves, we’re pretty excited for the handful of you whose new year will be off to a colorful start.

So we peeked in random.org’s stocking and pulled out the names of our five winners who will each be receiving a voucher for a free can of Glidden paint (in any color & finish) to be redeemed at their local Home Depot. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Bao (who’s digging white with blue accents)
  • Allison (the one that’s rocking red, white and silver this year)
  • Ali (whose green walls require a subtle silver and white scheme)
  • Tawna (who’s down for some silver and white paired with lime green and red)
  • Anna (whose paint will be going towards creating a soft yellow office)

And as 2009 comes to a close next week, we’re wrapping up a year full of giveaways with one last ’09 freebie before twenty-ten takes over. And it may or may not involve a $100 gift card…

Get more info about our freebies on our Giveaway FAQs page.


  1. Bao says

    Thanks so much John & Sherry! And of course a big thank you to Glidden paint. I absolutely adore your blog. I’m so inspired by all of your projects that I can’t wait to snag my gallon of Glidden paint and get started with a few projects of my own. The first project on my list is to paint my light brown coffee table white. And of course, I’m going to follow your instructions on my how to paint furniture. THANK YOU!

  2. Tawna says

    Wahoooo! Thanks, J&S&B (and bean) and Glidden!!

    We just purchased our first home and I am DYING to paint!!

    Wahoooooo! Thanks again, and Merry, Merry Christmas!!

  3. Ali says

    *happy dance* I just read the email and proceeded to joyfully hug my fiance! Thank you so much John and Sherry (+1) and Thanks to Glidden. Man YHL makes my life so much more awesome! And on Christmas Eve as well. WOOHOO!

  4. Ali says

    Oh, and the paint will probably be used to get rid of our green walls and replace them with something more neutral and warm per your inspiration. =)

  5. Anna says

    Wow! I cannot believe it! Thank you for the paint! My project is to repaint the small office room that has only one window. By trial and error I realized that even medium toned color makes this room look like a cave during the day. In addition, this is a Northern room with limited full sun exposure. My dilemma is that I don’t care much for pastels or white walls in the office but this room might be an exception. I will try to find the right modern yellow that looks good with white IKEA shelves, to make this room feel warmer. Thank you guys for the offer!

  6. Barbara says

    So bummed, never win anything! I love Glidden paint – only paint I use!

    Hope you had a great Christmas – and eggnog sans booze is okay for the bean!