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And Now A Letter To Ikea

Dearest Ikea,

We love you. We really do. But yesterday you exploited that relationship and I just can’t bite my tongue this time. Just because “some assembly required” is one of the terms of our relationship, it does not mean that we want to put together every single thing that we buy from you. This means you Kassett storage box.

Sure, putting together your furniture is often part of the Ikea fun. Not only do we gain an affordable and stylish item for our home, but it comes with a guaranteed sense of accomplishment. But there’s no pride in having to assemble my own cardboard box. None at all. Need I remind you that an item like this comes free (and fully assembled!) with the purchase of simple things like shoes and cereal? So why must each of yours require multi-page instructions, a dozen screws and 15 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a break from all that allen wrench action. But having to punch out 24 holes by hand was a bit ridiculous. You even went as far as to perforate the holes, but stopped short of removing them completely. Really? Or was that a bonus gift. I get a storage box AND complimentary confetti? 

In summary, it took me nearly an hour (and 48 screws!) to put together the four Kassett boxes that we bought this weekend. That’s more time than it took me to assemble the Expedit bookcase that houses them. They do look pretty darn good in the end. And I can’t complain about the $6/box price tag. But please, charge me the extra buck or two that it takes you to ship a pre-assembled box (I know shipping things flat saves me money, but a flat bookcase or bed is a lot more of a space saver than a 11.5″ box). I’m begging you. Help me help you help me. And I’m sure that loving feeling will come a-floodin’ right back.

Sincerely, John Petersik

PS:  Thank goodness the top of the box came pre-assembled. That, my friend, could’ve really been a deal breaker.



Bethany’s Design Dilemma

This room off of Bethany’s kitchen and dining area is ready for a multifunctional makeover. Here’s her letter:

My husband and I are so excited to finally get one of your coveted weekly spots! We’d LOVE to add this large, first-floor room (which is adjacent to our kitchen and dining area) to our existing entertaining space. The room is fairly large but we have no need for a library, and while the room appeared to be perfectly suited as a dining room (hence the garish faux gold and plastic chandelier) we have yet to actually use it for that. As I mentioned, the location and layout of the room make it great for entertaining, but we’d also like to be able to use the space on a day-to-day basis. I enjoy doing yoga & making crafty things, so I’ve wondered if there was a way to turn the room into a multi-purpose area, suited to crafty projects and yoga in a day-to-day sense, but still able to be transformed into extra entertaining space (think buffet table and bar) when needed. Difficult, I know – but I have faith in you! We like a cross between traditional and modern and the built-ins must stay but everything else in the room can go: the terrible wall color, the desk, and the wingback chair. We wouldn’t mind using the wingback chair if it suits your plan for the room (I have another one and we could update them with new upholstery). We’re willing to paint the built-ins as well. One color that I’ve been loving is gray (and deep navy blue as well)- the room gets lots of light so it can take some pretty dark colors. I also love, love, love patterns (especially big, graphic and bold ones)! Breathlessly awaiting your help in Washington, DC – Bethany (& Blake)

Here’s the plan:

And now for the mood board breakdown.

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