Burning Question: Over it?

This week’s question is sure to start a rousing debate. We’re talking about toilet paper ladies and gentlemen. When you put your TP on the dispenser do you intentionally place it so the paper comes over the roll or under it? Or are you one of those people who just doesn’t care either way? We’ve heard people proclaim that there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to dispense toilet paper so chime in about where you stand (or sit) on the subject of TP.

And speaking of toilet paper, here’s a post full of a fun ways to keep those extra rolls on hand without junking up the bathroom. Good times.


  1. Kevin B says

    Totally had this argument with my girlfriend the other day, I say over, she says under, her reasonsing is that it uses less tp, where I say it uses less the other way (over)!

  2. elizabeth says

    if we had already installed our bathroom hardware, i would vote b. however, we are exceedingly lazy and have not done this even though we’ve been in our house for almost 3 years and i bought the hardware before we moved in. this makes me hang my head in shame.

  3. says

    Ugh! I use to get so much beef for this when I was a child! I always put it on “wrong” (under the roll). I swear I was made to change it all the time! To this day, if the toilet paper even makes it to the roll, it goes on whatever way it ends up…under or over! Because…to be honest WHO CARES, either way it does it’s job…right?!?!? ….oh the days of my childhood come back to haunt me again ;)

  4. Destine says

    Definitely OVER. I don’t know why I’m OCD about this, but it drives me crazy the other way, and I always flip it back. :)

  5. Amanda L says

    We always have it coming over the roll. Its the way hubby and I were both raised. I must admit, my OCD drives me crazy if it goes the other way. Its not like I even think about it at this point though, I just naturally put it that way. It doesn’t even seem like I’m really going out of my way or checking the roll…its just become second nature.

  6. JessG says

    I’ve always thought “under” (option 1) looks neater, although my husband disagrees and always turns it to be “over” (option 2)!

  7. says

    OH! There is a right way at our house :) I do not like the paper to come under it!! I have to have it over the roll. Its definitely a pet peeve! Good thing in our house KC is the same way. It drives us crazy!

    Ps-this is strange I know, but I had a dream about your and S! Last night, haahahah. It’s crazy. I know.

    Thanks for letting me vent! (chuckle)

  8. Christin says

    When I was younger I was a hard core “under” person. Somewhere, somehow, I converted to “over”. I don’t know when or where. It’s odd. My husband is an “under” person. And as much as I love consistency, if my husband puts the roll on “under” I don’t change it. So whoever puts the roll on gets to choose how it goes.

  9. Megan says

    OVER! This is a pet-peeve of mine. I’ve been known to change the TP in the bathrooms at work and even at other people’s homes (wow, I sound crazy). I just think it looks nicer “over” and you can find the start of the roll easier. Team over!

  10. says

    My mom, who knows everything, says that the reason you hang it over is because in the days of patterned TP only the front was printed. If you had it under then you would see the back of the TP and it wouldn’t be as pretty.

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