We Are So In

Who’s with us?

It just seems like a no-brainer when the alternative is to do nothing, and since we consistently cover ways to live greener and give back to the planet (we have an entire section devoted to Eco Living on our How To page and often have Almost-Doctor Dan on to weigh in on the topic, which was actually one of our most requested features from our recent reader survey) this little online event seems to fit right in. Plus a lot of the eco ides that we will be chatting about on the 15th will also simplify your life and save you money! What’s not to love?

Oh and we owe a huuuge thank you to Mignon for sending the link our way (she’s 71 and a faithful YHL reader- plus she’s more plugged in than we are- gotta love that!). For any other bloggers out there who want to get in on the fun on October 15th (sites like Google and even TMZ.com are already signed up) just click here to register- it takes about five seconds- and then just write a planet-friendly post on the 15th. Easy peasy. And it’s just one post of 45+ that we do each month so of course there are more room makeovers, DIY ideas and holiday projects in the hopper. Is it dorky that we’re geeky excited about this? Counting down the days…






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