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Who’s with us?

It just seems like a no-brainer when the alternative is to do nothing, and since we consistently cover ways to live greener and give back to the planet (we have an entire section devoted to Eco Living on our How To page and often have Almost-Doctor Dan on to weigh in on the topic, which was actually one of our most requested features from our recent reader survey) this little online event seems to fit right in. Plus a lot of the eco ides that we will be chatting about on the 15th will also simplify your life and save you money! What’s not to love?

Oh and we owe a huuuge thank you to Mignon for sending the link our way (she’s 71 and a faithful YHL reader- plus she’s more plugged in than we are- gotta love that!). For any other bloggers out there who want to get in on the fun on October 15th (sites like Google and even TMZ.com are already signed up) just click here to register– it takes about five seconds- and then just write a planet-friendly post on the 15th. Easy peasy. And it’s just one post of 45+ that we do each month so of course there are more room makeovers, DIY ideas and holiday projects in the hopper. Is it dorky that we’re geeky excited about this? Counting down the days…


  1. Rachel says

    I’m probably opening myself up for a public flogging, but I’m still going to say it. I’m so tired of the babble about climate change. It’s not that I’m against more responsibility, more efforts towards less disposable lives and more “quality over quantity” but I’ve had enough of being reached-out-to by blogs, the media, commercials and any other medium of communication I happen to be plugged into. I’m much more interested in your product reviews, informative posts and sharing your own efforts.

    • says

      Hey Rachel,

      We totally respect your opinion! And all of the posts that you know and love are still in the hopper so fear not (we have a ton of Halloween stuff planned along with a cheap-o bathroom makeover and much more). We’re just devoting one post to something we feel is important on October 15th and we’ve even called on Almost-Doctor Dan to weigh in on little changes that we can make to live simply (and save the planet while we’re at it). And other readers, please no flogging! We’re all about keeping the drama out of blogging and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially when they’re stated so constructively and kindly. Hope it helps!


  2. says

    Wow, what a great opportunity to reach people and be a part of something special. This will have a similar feeling to Earth Day, lights out. :)

    I believe it is a larger problem than most people know about. Look up into the sky on any given day to see weird white trails and patterns, they aren’t clouds-they are ‘chemtrails’ sprayed via planes which are particles of aluminum and barium that we all breathe in, which are designed to reflect sunlight back into the earth’s atmosphere to avoid overheating the planet (it’s been going on for about 20 yrs in countries all over the world). It directly affects our health in so many ways that we all need to do our part. Looking forward to joining you all on Oct.15th! Thanks for this post.:)

  3. Leslie Martin says

    Hey John and Sherry. Those of us with access to the internet or news everyday read and hear the horrors of climate change…why do we need another day, another media??? I love reading your blog and I will be a future reader even though I am really bummed that you are participating in this event. So, I am posing a challenge to you: Bring something new to the table on climate change, not the standard issues. No more on Al Gore and his light bulbs, recycling, green products, hybrids, bikes, walking, pollution control, use less paper products, sustainable resources, population control, reducing our waste (to name a few)…We all get the point, so what is new? I recycle, I installed bamboo flooring in my house, I trade, I garden, I compost, I live 1.5 miles from work, I raise chickens and eat what the chicken gives me (and for the first time last night, one of our roosters was dinner), I have changed the light bulbs, I turn off every electronic product I am not using, I shop at thrift stores and yard sales, I buy organic, I eat hormone free free-range beef (bought from a friend), I am going to be a civil engineer that focuses on water resources and conservation, etc… By thinking about this, I realized that climate change is self serving and arrogant (look at all of the I’s in my previous statments). Seriously, we can’t change the seasons, how the earth rotates on its axis, natural disasters…so why do we think that we can save the earth? My boss who has extensively researched climate change has a quote, “The idea of humans affecting global warming and cooling is like all of us pissing in the ocean and changing the salt content”. I think we have to change our way of thinking about this topic…so back to my challenge. What new ideas about climate change can you offer?

    • says

      Hey Leslie,

      Wow! We had no idea that someone would actually be bummed that we were participating in this event. You’re right that anyone with internet access should be able read up on climate change, but I guess we’re thinking that anyone with internet access could also research how to paint brick or redo a nursery but it still doesn’t stop us from whipping up those tutorials and play-by-play posts to hopefully reach people who are looking for that info on our site.

      Of course we’d love to remind you that it’s just one post out of 45+ that we do each month, and because it’s something that we believe is important (to each his own, right?) we’ll do our very best to dig up fresh ways we can all pitch in- including an interview with Almost-Doctor Dan on the subject.

      You’re definitely entitled to your opinion, but we truly believe in the power of the people. If even ten of our readers decide to do three small things a day to waste less energy it’s undeniably a change for the better, especially when you add that effect up over one year, ten years, a lifetime. And it seems silly just to throw up our hands and say that we can’t help. Hope this better explains just why we’re so excited to be involved!

      s (& j)

  4. Beth says

    I’m with Rachel and Leslie. I think this whole climate change thing is more of a crock than people realize. It’s one of those issues where there is just as much evidence that it’s NOT happening as there is that it is. It’s just that one voice is louder. Disappointing that Irena Sendler (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irena_Sendler) lost the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore – can their contributions to society even compare? Why aren’t people blogging about ways to impact the world like she did – that’s the real change that we should want to see in the world.

  5. says

    If you guys don’t want to see “one more blahblahblah” about climate change, come back to the blog on the 16th.

    And I find it offensive to be told that just because I can’t afford the resources to be up for a Nobel Prize, my voice and the voice of others who are passionate about this cause don’t matter.

    You go ahead and think it’s a “crock”. But, didn’t it just snow in Texas two weeks ago? In September?

    Sherry and John, I’ll see you on the blogosphere on the 15th!

  6. says

    I think it’s a great concept and I’m glad you are participating. I think sometimes people feel overwhelmed with “do this, do that, don’t do that”, but I find that the more I really understand the *implications* of my actions and what they mean on a micro and macro scale the more empowered I feel and then it’s easier (and often very fulfilling!) to make those changes. Better yet, most changes typically involve simplifying and saving money! Hopefully this will be a great opportunity for thousands of people to learn something new and how it can be applied in their own lives.