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Fab Freebie: Skulloween

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries***

We began getting into the Halloween spirit last week (and there’s more where that came from) so we thought we’d use this week’s freebie to give one lucky person to chance to add some serious spook to their space. And we’re doing it thanks to two of our favorite collaborators: Skull-A-Day and Cardboard Safari.

Skull-A-Day is the brainchild of our good friend Noah Scalin. His yearlong project of creating skulls out of ordinary (pencils, rice) and not-so-ordinary (butterflies, vegemite) materials begat a Webby-award winning website, a book, art exhibits, an appearance on Martha Stewart and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. And now this local celeb is offering up two skull-tastic art prints for one lucky reader – the United Skull of America print (it’s a skull made out of US states!) and an Ornamental Skull print (in all of its ornate glory) – which will both bring some eerie style to your home this month (and the other eleven if you’re so inclined).

Plus, this week’s winner will score two great pieces from Cardboard Safari, who you may remember from their rhino / rocket giveaway a few months ago. This time they’re dishing out their Halloween designs – the spooky skull wreath and the tabletop puzzle skull (which was designed by Noah, btw). Both are made from recycled cardboard, in your choice of brown or white (which can also be painted any color you please).

Wanna score this eerily entertaining gift pack? Here’s how:

Get more info on our freebies at our Giveaway FAQs page. Images courtesy of Cardboard Safari and Skull-A-Day.



How To Make A Framed Magazine Monogram

Every time we post a photo that includes the frame collage above our living room’s console table like this…

…or this…


…. or this…


…. we get a slew of emails asking where we bought or how we made the big P print that’s front and center. Well, it’s actually just the first letter of an article in a magazine that we cut out in a neat little 1 x 2 inch rectangle and had blown up around 300% at Kinko’s. You know how some articles start with one large letter and the rest of the first sentence followed? We just cut out that rectangle, enlarged it a bunch, and framed it.

Making it huge and putting it behind glass instantly created a customized monogram with very little work on our part, and we love how it came out! Just flip through magazines until you find your initial and head over to Kinko’s. A few dollars later it should be ready to frame (they look especially great with giant mats and pretty hefty frames to dress them up).

So you too can master the P (get it? Master P? no?) or any other letter that you’d like…

Psst- Looking for more easy DIY art ideas? Check out the bevy of links on our How To page in the “Artsy Ideas” category. And if you’re searching for framing arrangement ideas, this little video tutorial should have you covered.