Burning Question: Sharing Is Caring?

This week we got to wondering how often you share with your spouse, specifically the bathroom. Do you guys use the same one? Not at the same time of course. And if so, do you have a double sink situation or are you sharing one mirror and one vanity like us?

Are you fancy enough to each have a designated bathroom so you never cross paths while you’re washing up? We’ve heard some say it’s the secret to a happy marriage, so tell us what you’re working with.

And speaking of bathrooms, check out how we injected some subtle style to our guest bathroom in just a few hours with $4 of paint.


  1. says

    we share the same bathroom but do like our privacy every now and then. Our bathroom has a “water closet” toilet area behind a seperate door so that doesn’t cause problems and we only have 1 sink but a very large counter top and vanity area…plus we get ready at different times so that doesn’t cause problems either. My husband does tend to use the guest bath a lot but I think that is because it is closer to the office and living room.

  2. says

    Our ‘master’ bathroom is the size of a matchbox, so I lovingly let my husband have that one all to himself :o). I used the guest bath in the hallway. Works for me! I did realize however, that I am going to be the one sharing with kids in the near future… hmm…

  3. Austyn says

    We pretty much each have our own in our 2/3 rental, but we’re looking forward to sharing one large master bath with double vanities when we move into our new home in November. We both still use both bathrooms, but it’s really matter of keeping our things separate. Both bathrooms are small with non existent vanities ;o)

  4. Heather says

    Our house is a 1950s ranch like yours only ours has only 1 bathroom. We have one sink and one mirror in there and don’t have any problems. Our schedules don’t usually mesh up either though. I also grew up in a house with 3 women and 3 men with 1 bathroom.

  5. Katie says

    My husband and I bought our first home 2 months ago, and this is the first time in our four years together we’ve had more than one bathroom! It’s pretty exciting. Our master bath has two separate vanities (walk-in closet double-doors between each sink). I love having six drawers and the cabinet space all to myself for my make-up, hair dryer, etc. However, I was also perfectly happy to share one vanity in our previous apartments. Having a large soaking tub is way more important to me than sink area :)

  6. Michelle says

    After 19 years of marriage sharing the bathroom is not as charming as it was at one time. We try to avoid getting ready at the same time to give each other necessary space, even though we have a double sink. The biggest problem is the shared walk-in closet which barely fits one person. It is directly attached to our bathroom and not a place for 2 people to make “what to wear that day decisions”. Space=love!

  7. says

    We rent a 2 bed/1 bath townhome, so we definitely have to share. It’s a tiny bathroom, but thankfully has a wide sink area and mirror. I often get annoyed when we’re in there at the same time, but as my husband always says, ‘Big love grows in small spaces.’

  8. says

    We are luck, luck, lucky at my house – BIG bathroom with a double vanity & (obviously) double mirrors. My hubs and I can get ready at the same time, along with 2 kids under the age of 3 and a dog all piled up in there… although we try not to!

  9. says

    In our current home, we have “his” and “her” bathrooms simply b/c one has a jet tub and the other a walk in shower… but in the new house the master bath has a garden tub and walk in shower, and the 2nd bath a bath/shower combo… we will be using the same bathroom in the new house. There is only one sink area, so we’ll either need to coordinate bathroom time, or one of us may have to plan to get ready in the kid’s bathroom…

  10. Amy says

    My house does have two bathrooms, but there’s nothing I love more than brushing my teeth in the one sink, upstairs bathroom with my boyfriend before bed!

  11. says

    When we first got married, our apartment hada HUGE bathroom with 2 sinks and tons of counter space for each of us. It was fantastic! Our house has a tiny master bath. Only a corner shower (no tub), a pedistal sink, and toilet. That’s it!! I hate it but we just have to take turns. Luckily out bedroom has a vanity area so I use that in the mornings for makeup. (Pictures of our teeny tiny bathroom! http://rootsandrings.wordpress.com/2009/09/09/pictures-of-my-grown-up-life/)

  12. Amanda in Boston says

    We share one bathroom in our 800sqft condo. We even have the washer and dryer in there..so it is always a busy place! We have one sink. It actually works out really well because I get up earlier and use the bathroom before the hubby even gets up so we never are in there at the same time! Works out well! But let me tell ya, on weekends when we are trying to get ready for a night out at the same time it is a different story!

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