Allyson’s Design Dilemma

Allyson’s bedroom is ready to be transformed. Here’s her letter:

I absolutely adore your blog, I read it every day. I am so excited to get one of your mood boards and to finally love the look of our master bedroom. We really love a modern clean look. I hate clutter. So simple lines and geometric patterns are the way to go. I would say Ikea and CB2 reflect our design aesthetic most. Simple, modern, budget friendly pieces, how can you go wrong? I have a pretty tight budget for this room (pretty much everything furniture wise needs to stay – the bed, nightstands and dresser). I would also like to keep our wedding pictures as well and the TV needs to stay. We’d like to keep the blinds, but would love to get curtains hung although I’m just not sure how/where to hang them with the semi circle window. The current wall color needs to go! I was trying to highlight some colors in the slate we have in the bathroom that I love, unfortunately I think the bedroom/bath looks like a circus now. I love, love, love bold colors and I want to have something that coordinates with the slate. I’m open to all colors except blue. I love the color green so if you can include that in the design as an accent, that would be great. Thanks! – Allyson

Here’s the plan:

And now for the mood board breakdown.

1. When it comes to repainting, a warm caramel color (Benjamin Moore’s Baked Cumin 1062) on the walls and ceilings will feel rich and enveloping without looking too circus-inspired. The reason we’d suggest carrying the color over into the peaked ceilings is that the room will feel more unified and less sliced and fragmented (and because it’s a nice size and has tall ceilings it won’t feel too dark or cramped). We’ll also bring in some soft green and paprika orange accents and accessories to set off the rich deep-toned existing furnishings for a vibrant yet chic effect.

2. This bedding inspired our entire palette thanks to the lovely greens and oranges in the crisp and modern horizontal stripes. We also love the striped pillowcases and think a few solid orange and green accent pillows would further pull everything together while creating a plush and welcoming place to relax after a long day.

3. One of our favorite ways to add polish, function and ambiance to a bedroom is to bring in matching table lamps for each of the night tables that flank the bed, and two of these lovely (and cheap!) beauties will definitely do the trick without breaking the bank.

4. Allyson mentioned that she wanted the white blinds to stay, but to work with the richer oranges and tans and golden hues, we’d love to see texture-rich bamboo blinds like these hung on the strip of wall between the arched window and the larger rectangular window below it (the white blinds can stay behind the woven blinds, and can be used to keep the light out when Allyson sleeps). Then flanking the blinds with rich billowy curtains will really create a welcoming little corner where Allyson can place a bench like this to create a little makeshift window seat of sorts. We would also love to see the same woven blinds hung above the arched window above the bed (to create the look of a rectangular window) and then a matching pair of billowy curtains can be hung wide around the blinds to create a breezy headboard of sorts above the bed. Hanging some art (like this) in the gap of wall between the headboard and the bottom of the window (between the two curtain panels) will totally transform that entire wall in a snap.

5. Here are those aforementioned curtains. We love that they have rich goldy-cinnamon undertones and will really add a touch of elegance to our vibrant and modern color scheme.

6. This awesome (and totally budget friendly) runner from Ikea will look great on both sides of the bed for another splash of color to fill out this expansive room and add to the vibrant and clean-lined effect. And isn’t it amazing how well they work with the bedding even though they’re from totally different stores?!

7. Along the lines of our chic curtains, this awesomely elegant starburst mirror (on sale!) will really add some wow to the wall across from the bed. We love a round mirror hanging above a big boxy flatscreen, and this one will work with all the warm and golden undertones that we have going on while reflecting some light from the window across the room.

8. Allyson mentioned that she would love for her wedding photographs to stay (such a perfect touch for a bedroom by the way) and we think framing them in darker wood frames will help them blend in with all the other amber, caramel and mocha colors in the room (for an even more budget-friendly solution she can spray paint the ones she has a deep chocolate color). Oh and we’d actually love to see two of them on each side (as opposed to the one that she currently has hanging on each side) since it will help fill things out and give her a chance to gaze at two more photos that are meaningful to her.

9. Last but certainly not least, little soft green accessories- like this sweet (and cheap!) Ikea vase- will really add polish to the media stand and break up all that dark wood. Any other figurines or candle holders in green, tan, gold or even orange would add a nice splash of color and style to finish things off.

So there you have it. A welcoming bedroom full of warm and vibrant style. We can’t wait to see what you guys think!

Update: We sadly can no longer find the time to take on client commissioned mood boards (we now whip up general inspiration boards instead) but if we ever reinstate them we’ll make a big announcement!






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