Richmond Represent.

For anyone who’s wondering what it’s like to live here in Richmond, here’s a heelarious video all about our beloved River City. Granted, it may be one big inside joke. But if nothing else, hopefully you’ll get a kick out of watching a couple of guys rap – plus there’s totally some sweet auto-tune action at the end.

It’s probably heavily inspired by the DC area’s Arlington Rap, but we love this one more because it’s about our hometown (and they mention three of our favorite restaurants). Plus it’s definitely already stuck in my head… “statues, statues, statues comin’ atchu”…


  1. Lisa says

    haha that’s so cool! I just found out about your site from a friend at school and when i visited i realized yall are in Richmond! I am from Richmond but go to school in SC. I love your website! keep up the good work!

  2. Stephanie S says

    Thanks for posting this! I’m in RIC and saw it on Facebook today. I’m proud of this city (lived here 10 years now) and want everyone to know what we have to offer. Beside YHL of course!

  3. Kim says

    Oooh, how coincidental that you guys posted this because I was just stopping by the blog to ask a question totally unrelated to design/renovation. Well, first of all, I love YHL. I discovered it about a month or so ago and have been working my way through the archives. You two are so inspiring!!

    My question is actually regarding Richmond. I have never been to the city but have wanted to visit and am wondering if you might consider doing something of a “tell all” post, even though it’s kind of unrelated. I am curious about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I grew up in the Lewes-Rehoboth Beach area of Delaware and currently live in Wilmington, about 30 miles outside of Philly (for reference, since I read that you two have traveled in both areas). What is the arts/culture scene like in Richmond? Would you say there’s a relatively high degree of diversity for a city its size? What was it that really drew you two in to call it home?

    Keep doing what you do and best wishes!

    • says

      Hey Kim,

      Good question! Richmond is actually full of the arts (one of the reasons it attracted us from NYC) because of VCU (an art university) and a strip of galleries that are always throwing open their doors and encouraging people to slip through for some free wine and cheese (an event called First Fridays which occurs every first Friday of the month). We would definitely say that Richmond is super diverse and you can find quite a range of people and interests. I think what attracted us were the totally different (yet equally charming) neighborhoods (there’s an are called the Fan which feels like NYC, our neighborhood which is full of historic homes from the 20s and beyond, an industrial area full of refurbished lofts, etc). Plus the fact that there’s zero traffic and affordable real estate really set Richmond apart from places like Northern Virginia (which we also considered for a split second before realizing the traffic and higher-valued homes wouldn’t work for us).

      As for what to do/see/eat while you’re here, we love:

      -Carytown (a hopping little “main street” full of food, shopping, and so much more- it’s one of our favorite places ever)

      -Mamma Zu (by far the most legitimate Italian restaurant in all of the US- my mom, who’s from Italy, is obsessed with it when she visits)

      -Bottoms Up (an amazing local-legend pizza place in The Bottom < – an area of Richmond City near your hotel)

      -Belle Isle (where you can check out the river we pictured in the post below- and walk over the scenic bridge)

      -Maymont Park (a pretty private rolling hills park – with free admission- that has Japanese Gardens and horse-drawn carriages)

      -Stony Point Fashion Center or Short Pump Towne Center (two sparkly new outdoor walking malls that ooze with charm, good shopping, and even food)

      -The State Capitol (if you’re into history or gorgeous domed ceilings- plus you can see John’s office from there)

      -Kuba Kuba (a fun little cuban place with insanely delicious food and ice cold drinks in The Fan – a hip downtown neighborhood)

      -William’s & Sherrill (my favorite “inspiration” store for luscious fabric and amazing showroom furniture and accessories)

      Hope it helps! Other Richmonders feel free to chime in!

      Sherry (& John, who I called to make sure I wasn’t missing anything)

  4. Jacci says

    LOL – that is so funny. The part that really cracked me up was when the taller guy sported the shaggy hair and a suit. Then it tossed it out of his face! How many 30 something guys in Richmond look like that?! So, funny.

    Oh, and the Robert E. Lee triple take!! Too hilarious. Hey, I was thinking maybe John and some college buds could do a UVA one. Mr. Jefferson deserves his rap mention, too :)


  5. Jessica says

    The Arlington Rap still gets me every time, especially because that really is my ‘hood :) Dudes with brown flip flops…so true!

  6. says

    That was awesome! I was sneaking a peak at YHL at work (VCU medical campus!) and just had to show it to all my co-workers. It was great to see so many places the DH and I love to go.

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