Burning Question: Sleeping Like A King?

When it comes to where you lay your head, there are plenty of options available. And we’d love to know where you fall on the size-matters scale. Do you have a modestly sized twin or full? A grander queen-sized sleeping space? Or an even bigger king or california king mattress? Sound off about your choice surface area for catching those zzzs. And we’d love to know if you could ever envision yourself upgrading or downgrading a size in the future. We’ve heard it’s hard to go backwards…

And speaking of beds, here are a few cheap and easy tricks to keep everything in its place (and avoid that dreaded duvet slippage)


  1. Rebecca says

    We currently have a king size bed, over 10 years old, in a very small bedroom. During the summer, when we rent a summer home, we sleep in a regular double bed with no trouble at all. So now, we are going to replace the king with a queen, and gain something like 16 inches in room space! I will actually have room for a bedside table on my side. I am very excited about this!

  2. Chelsea says

    My husband and I lay our heads on a queen sized tempur-pedic matress. We got a dog. A king sized dog. Now I dream of a king sized bed with my own set of covers. I also dream of the dog getting his own bed.
    *Please note: I love my dog, I love my sleep.

  3. Shari says

    Wow, that is one HUGE bed. How fun though to do some acrobatics on it.

    We have a king size mattress (pillow top version) and have always had that size. With our four-post bed sitting up high and the pillow-top mattress, you sort of feel like the “Princess and the Pea” getting in and out of our bed!! The only tricky part about our set-up is when it is time to rotate the mattress. It takes two people, and quite a bit of lifting.

  4. Amanda V says

    This is a funny story I have for you! when my husband and I got married, we had to move our furniture from GA to DE. My husband measured the bedroom in our rental house (I was in GA) to see if the king size would fit. We ended up switching beds – downgrade from a king to a queen – with his twin brother. Turns out, the king size would have fit with plenty of room to spare!! And boy do we need that king size bed now! We find that we love our space to roll around and hog covers. B.I.L. has also refused to part with the king size now that he has gotten married as well! UGH! We have been eye-ing the Organic mattress you have purchased though!

  5. says

    I couldn’t imagine having anything smaller than our king-sized bed. Both my husband and I sprawl out a LOT, and we’re both bigger people (him more muscle-wise, myself height-wise). The dog also likes to get between us on occasion – we wouldn’t survive in a queen!

  6. Mariah Fraser says

    We have a pillow top queen mattress. We hate it, b/c the pillow top “stuffing” has shifted and become all lumpy. But; nothing to be done, since it’s pillow top and you can’t flip it.

    I do prefer queen size though; king feels a little too big.

    Are you and Sherry liking your new mattress? It’s so appealing to me that it’s organic.

  7. sara says

    My husband and I comment every night as we climb into bed that we love our bed. The reason being is that it’s king size. We’re vocal advocates for king size if anybody asks, which I’m so glad you did! We both need space when it’s serious sleep time and we would never go to something smaller unless we absolutely had to. We joke about how we once crammed into little twin-sized dorm room bunk-beds! Oh the horror….

  8. Robyn C. says

    Right after me and my hubby got married we slept on queen-sized mattress.(His old bed) Then we got wedding money, a good deal, and a king size bed. You are so right. I think now if we had to backtrack there would be some serious drama. Now, all he talks about is upgrading to a california king!

  9. says

    We’ve always had a Queen size. Now that we have a master bedroom large enough for an EK size I don’t want to change. Why? Because I love my “got it on clearance” Headboard from World Market.

  10. Lauryn Galloway says

    We have a new king and it is the best bed ever. We searched high and low and tried out so many beds but we could never shake this one. We also got a good deal because its last years model. Anyway-we decided to get a king because we dont like to snuggle at night. yep, thats right-no touching when were asleep. And even though a queen would fit better in the room, we knew the king was for us.

  11. staceys says

    we sleep in a cozy queen. and i don’t think i’ll ever want something larger. i like being next to the hubs. even though we both like our space, we don’t need that much. we’re both tall (5’9 and 6’2) and still manage to squeeze our 80 pound dog in the bed for snuggles too!

  12. says

    We are currently on a queen size and we think it’s the perfect size for us, and a very small dog who takes up about half of the bed. I don’t think we will go bigger or smaller as we have to take into consideration the size of our bedroom (which is very small and can only accommodate a queen at best). I’m not sure when we have kids that that will change or not, but we are planning to not have the kids in our bed from the get go, so hopefully status quo will be maintained.

  13. says

    We have a queen size bed… only because if we would have gotten a king size it would have been a tight squeeze in our little apartment bedroom. I had a double bed growing up so it’s hard for me to share a queen size. I take up a lot of room apparently.

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