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The Nursery Makeover Begins… On Video!

We recently revealed that we’ll be working on a Young House Love nursery… just not for us. We’re super excited to create a fun and functional baby’s room for John’s sister Emily who’s expecting a little boy this October. And of course we have plenty of affordable DIY ideas up our sleeves that we’ll be sharing as we go. The first order of business in Emily’s blank canvas of a guest room was to get some paint up on those bare walls.

But we didn’t just settle for a fresh coat of soft blue-gray, we decided that a cheerful, modern and awesomely random vertical stripe effect was just the thing to get this makeover started with a bang.

The easy one-night process of taping, painting, and peeling was as simple as picking a color palette…


… getting that painter’s tape up on the wall…


… filling in each randomly sized and spaced stripe with one of our four accent colors and peeling off the tape to reveal…


… fresh slices of color around the room (we promise they’re straight, the camera lens just makes them bow out a little).


And we even whipped up this video of the entire painting process with more step by step details and paint color information:

Yes John’s awesomely long arms came in handy for the filming of this video. And that is an Oregon Trail icon on his painting shirt. Good times. Oh and you can watch it here on YouTube if you’re having trouble with Vimeo above.

And since we’ll be keeping a tally of how much our little nursery transformation costs, we’ll share the tally for this phase of the project. For a gallon of wall paint and three sample cans of our stripe colors (we already had the white paint on hand) the room got a totally new look to the tune of just $39. And we’ll also be using the leftover paint for a few more DIY projects around the room so we’ll get even more bang for our buck. Stay tuned…

And because we love a good teaser, we thought we’d share a glimpse of some of the bedding and upholstery choices along with our paint chip color palette so you guys can get a taste of the big picture:


Don’t you love those cute little elephants? Babies are so much fun, even before they’re born. So what about you guys. Any babies on the way? Any nursery makeover details that you’d like to share? Spill the bun-in-the-oven beans.



Julie’s Design Dilemma

Julie’s living room is ready for a little makeover magic. Here’s her letter:

This is going to be fun, and I’m so excited to get a spot on your makeover project list. As a newlywed,  I’ve moved into my husband’s home and need help with our living room. I like to have clean, simple lines and neutrals/dark woods in furniture but am not afraid to use vibrant colors and texture in the accents. My husband would probably add a bit of traditional to the mix. If I had to pick a brand that represents my style, I would say Pottery Barn with a cottage twist (I love vintage florals and reds and pinks). We’d like a new sofa, the end tables can stay, the coffee table can be replaced, one set of chairs must stay but can be reupholstered, the fireplace needs something, and the paint color should stay the same. When it comes to color, we like red (as an accent), pink, yellow, mixes of fresh and vibrant colors. We don’t like orange/purple or too much deep color (burgundy, etc). We’re excited to see what you come up with! -Julie




This room will be unrecognizable after we’re done with it. Here’s the plan:


And now for the mood board breakdown.

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