Burning Question: Television Takeover?

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Neilsen has recently calculated that there are more television sets in America than humans. So with the average American home now having 2.86 TVs (dare you to get a good signal on that .86% of a television set) we wanted to know where your household stands.

Do TVs outnumber family members in your home? Or does flesh-and-blood still rule over wires-and-plasma ’round your parts? Don’t worry, we won’t judge either way- we’re just curious if our readers reflect these recent Neilsen findings. While we’ve only got one TV set in our house at the moment, we may have to invest in a second one someday to accomodate Burger’s viewing habits…


  1. Amy H says

    2 TVs in use, one is in storage from my college days (I would call that a .86 tv)…however, we have two adults and two kids in the house. So more people that TVs ;)

  2. Amy says

    We have 1 tv and 4 people. No plans on getting an additional tv anytime soon, though we may replace the one we have in the next year or two.

  3. Jessica says

    We, unfortunately, have a television in the bedroom as well as one in the den, so that is a 1:1 TV to human ratio. But don’t get me started on computers… those definitely outnumber us, for some bizarre reason.

  4. Michelle says

    Love your blog! But we are evenly matched between TVs and people in our household. Two people, two tvs. That way if he is racking up major kills on his PS3 I have somewhere to go and watch HGTV. :)

  5. says

    My husband and I both had TVs in our homes before me moved in together and he recently brought home a 46″ big screen to “surprise” me. :)

  6. says

    my fiance and i moved in together and i had one tv and he had three. yes three. we got rid of my older tv and kept his three. So if you dont include the pup and kitty then we have three tvs to two humans!

  7. Carrie says

    Four people in our home, two TVs. Although the one we have in our master may be getting the boot soon.

  8. Clare says

    My husband and I have just the one (pretty old) TV in our living room. He’s an avid reader so there aren’t many times when we want to watch different shows. When he’s not interested in (for instance) one of my favorite HGTV shows, he just picks up a book and heads for a comfy chair.

  9. says

    since it’s just me and the hubby – we’ve been fine with only one tv in our house… i’m not sure if that will change once we have babies – but i hope not! i hope that we’ll encourage the whole “let’s NOT watch tv” when we have children. i certainly feel like getting rid of cable will help with that ;)

  10. Travis says

    Hey John,

    There is only one TV in our household! Proud of it, too. We are the type that would rather be doing than watching but we also like to spend an hour or so every week to just veg and watch a favorite show now and then. If the wife and I can’t agree on the show then we’d rather not watch it anyway so there is no need to have two sets.


  11. says

    Not true in our house! We have one TV in our living room and an old 13 inch tv in our guest bedroom- that’s it! It’s just my wife and I in our city rowhouse and we didn’t find the need to have a tv in each room. For those very rare occassions that we MUST watch different things, one of us will just head up to the guest room for a bit. We both agree, too, that our bedroom should not have a tv, so just the two in the house works just fine.

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