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Let’s Talk About Sax Baby

Not since our discovery of The Kurv has a product wooed us to this degree. Ladies and gentleman, may we present to you, Envirosax:


We probably should mention that we do not work for Envirosax nor are we getting paid by them to write this be-still-my-beating-heart review. We just can’t get enough of them and had to share the chic little reusable fabric bags that wormed their way into our lives and changed them for the better.


We’ve always been fans of reusable shopping bags, but some of the crunchy plastic-y felt-ish boxy ones left a lot to be desired. Of course we preferred them to paper or plastic, but they made me feel… well, a bit frumpy. I mean picture me struggling to tote my three different mismatched bags into the store and blushing when I get to the register with the tangle of intertwined green and brown and gray bags (after accidentally dropping at least one in the parking lot on the way in). Ugh. Enter my always fashionable BFF stage left, who swung through town for some quick shopping. And what chic little rolled up bag did she pull out of her purse at the register? Why an Envirosax tote of course. It was smaller than a cell phone and unsnapped to create a large and lovely reusable bag that had me positively green with envy (and embarrassment as I tried desperately to wrangle my gaggle of bags).

Before I could even squeak out “where’d you get that” she said “, I can’t go to the store without ten people coming up to me to ask where they’re from- and they’re so easy to use because you can pop a few of them into your purse so you never forget to bring them.” I was sold before she even opened her mouth. Everything from the wider straps to the sleek fabric and the punchy print had me at hello, and the fact that they could be rolled so tightly and tossed into any purse (unlike my armload of reusable bags) ensured that I’d never find myself at the cash register muttering about how I forgot mine again. Because every time we forget our reusable bags we’re contributing to this problem:

Eeks! Let’s all make a difference and look cute doing it.

And at $8.50 a pop they’re a steal when you think about how long you’ll have them, how many plastic bags they’ll save and how convenient they are since they slip right into your purse (never to be forgotten in the car/house again!). They actually list the measurements on the site and they’re pretty darn amazing. Rolled up these things clock in at 4″ by 1.5″ (about the size of a cell phone) and they unroll to a glorious 19.5″ x 16.5″ full size- plus they can each hold up to 44lbs! And the fact that they come in oh so many fun styles makes shopping for them just as fun as shopping with them. They have chic black patterned bags for the sophisticated crowd:


And masculine dude bags for the guys who don’t want colorful girly ones:


And punchy bohemian bags for the hippie in all of us (plus these babies are 25% off):


Of course they also have solid colored bags (for those who like to keep it simple), kid bags (you bet our youngsters will tote these babies around someday), five pack sets (that really come in handy for larger families who do more bulk shopping), and even organic bags (these lovelies are a bit pricier at $24.95 but they’re made exclusively from organic bamboo): organic-bamboo-resusable-fabric-linen-shopping-bags

I’m sure you’re wondering which ones we picked after such a wide selection of eye candy. True to form we went gaga for the blues and the greens. Since John and I always go shopping together he let me get two fun ones instead of a dude bag for him- but if you’re a more-than-one-car household and aren’t always attached at the hip you might wanna snag one that you guy will feel proud to carry. Although my gentlemanly hubs still offers to carry ours when they’re heavy- thanks babe!


And now I will get off my Envirosax soapbox and hit up the grocery store for bag complements- er, to spread awareness… there have to be some locals out there that we can convert!

Images and scary plastic bag facts courtesy of Envirosax.



Reader Redesign: Stellar Sliders

When sweet southern Beth emailed us some pictures of her newly spruced sliding doors (she implemented one of our favorite tricks that we love to recommend for dressing up sliders) we couldn’t wait to share the eye candy. Here’s her letter:

Hey there Youngsters! Just wanted to share with you what I copied from ya’ll to dress up our sliding glass doors! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea (I love how it looks in your living room and your den). When it came to our sliders, the existing hardware had been attached to our wall since the 70s, so sanding and spackling (and a new coat of light blue paint for the whole room) was necessary to make it look cleaner since the wall wasn’t being covered up by a HUGE valance anymore. All my friends come over and ask how I did it, so I’m sure this window treatment will be applied to many homes here in Atlanta very soon. Thanks again for your inspiration! And another big thank you for the Behr “Paint Project” post. With that application, I tried out the blue paint for the living room online first and then applied it to my room the next week! You guys ROCK! -Beth

Here are those sliding doors before…




…and after:


Lovely transformation Beth! Thanks so much for sending the pictures our way. Of course the wall color really lightens things up but those breezy curtains and bamboo blinds definitely contribute to the crisp and airy feel in your fabulous Atlanta living room. What do you guys think about Beth’s fabulous sliding door do-over? Oh and be sure to drop in on her blog to see what else she’s up to!