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This Saturday we set our alarms and sprung (well, stumbled) out of bed to take on the Forest Hill Neighborhood Yard Sale bright and early. With over 30 coordinated sales within walking distance, we certainly kept ourselves busy and came across lots of fabulous finds. And the neighborhood was so charming that we couldn’t help but snap a few photos of the homes that caught our eye- even if our arms were full of yard sale goodies.

Here’s a sweet red-doored house with two ladies selling their wares in the front yard. Not a bad way to spend a morning if you ask me. Especially if you live here…


Here’s a house with a gorgeous open porch (we love that it’s low enough to have no railing), crisp craftsman columns and an amazing stacked stone wall out front.


This is the house of our dreams. Literally- we stood in front of it for five minutes just taking it all in. The sweet little round window near the door and the wraparound porch wooed us to no end, plus the fact that it’s still modest in size (and oh so ranchy) had us drooling.


This grand home was also rocking a wraparound porch with large stately white columns, floor to ceiling windows and a gorgeous double door.


This house’s craftsman door and sage & red accent colors really made it a stunner (and we loved the stenciled detail on the front of each step that really gave it a dash of extra style).


Can you imagine walking up to this dreamy door every day? We love the graphic house numbers and the lush grasses that line the path.


As if this neighborhood didn’t adequately charm you thus far, how adorable is this vintage VW truck?


And isn’t this woven fence with metal caps so interesting and sculptural?


We had so much fun walking around and taking in the sights. And you know we didn’t leave empty handed. But we didn’t beak the bank either. We like to set a “budget” beforehand so we don’t get carried away, and we entered this supersized yard sale thinking we’d like to spend about $20 or so. Well, for just $12 we left with all these goodies:


That’s right, we snagged seven books, twelve magazines (eleven of which are vintage House Beautiful issues from the 70s and 80s!), and two ceramic animals (for just $1.50 each). You guys know I have a weakness for white ceramic “friends” for our home, so they were the first thing we grabbed. Then we stumbled upon one of the most amazing book sales and grabbed $127 worth of books (really, we did the math) for just… (drumroll please)… $8. It doesn’t get much better than that.

But then it did. We came across a woman who was shutting down for the day and offered us any of her magazines for free (many of which were thirty to forty years old- so we happily snatched up some old House Beautiful issues and can’t wait to dig through them for eye candy and what-goes-around-comes-around inspiration). But we said we spent $12 and that’s only $11. Ok, ok, we also picked up two Krispy Kreme donuts for a dollar along the way (some very smart yard-salers offered up eats and we couldn’t resist).

So from two ceramic birds and a slew of old glossies to a health food book and a classic novel to some chic lit and a few wild card reads, we came home with some pretty fun stuff (along with a bunch of house pics in remembrance of a morning well spent). Have you guys had any yard sale fun these days? Any favorite finds you wanna share? Any tales of hosting your own yard sale and making some nice pocket change? Do tell!

And speaking of hosting your own yard sale, here’s an old post about our very own yard sale last spring with a few tips and tricks that we picked up along the way. Good times.


  1. Adriana says

    I just tried placing my vote several times & its not working :( i had read someone’s comments sometimes last week, where the code would not go through & that’s what’s happening to me! I’m entering the code right, but it will not go thru!! I signed out & signed back in, but no luck. I guess I’ll try it again this afternoon.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Adriana,

      Yeah, there have been a few glitches lately. Hopefully it goes through later today. Thanks for giving it a go either way!


  2. says

    Oh wow, all of those houses are so beautiful. I’ve a real soft spot for porches (esp. wrap-around) and… is it called clapboard..?

    Makes me want to up sticks and move across the pond immediately!!!

    Excellent score with the birdies and the reading gear, btw. One thing I really miss about my time in the States is the yard sales.

    Just voted :D

  3. says

    Love the ceramic birds and books (I have those chic lit titles!). I haven’t been to any yard sales yet this year but my boyfriend and I are likely going next weekend. My city is having a big one at the end of the month that I’m thinking of participating in. I have a HUGE stack of things in the basement that I’d like to get rid of!

  4. Jill Stigs says

    I found that if the “code” did not work, I simply pressed F5 to refresh and hit the place my vote button and the code would change and totally work.

    C’mon people– we have to get the lead back!! VOTE VOTE VOTE everyday.

    Great birds and books you scored guys.

  5. says

    Great finds! I love the ceramic birds (your photo made me giggle though – the bird with horns!). How awesome that you were able to get old decorating magazines for FREE! Lucky you! The neighborhood is beautiful. Thanks for the tour!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Haha- we were waiting for someone to notice those bull horns behind our little ceramic bird. Apparently he has the heart of a lion- or a bull. Is it a sign that there are too many ceramic animals in your house when you take a photo of one and another one interferes in the background?


  6. says

    Great scores! I love grabbing books at garage sales — great way to recycle. :)

    Also, that neighborhood is GORGEOUS. And I absolutely agree with you that your “dream house” is the most drool-worthy of the bunch.

  7. Johanna says

    LOVE the homes your chose to showcase. We are househunting ourselves (for real) right now and it looks like we all have very similar taste. (We just have to sell our current condo first). I totally related to stading out front and dreaming about the home you mentioned. My husband and I did that at the house we have fallen for– it has a great front steps for our daughter’s pumpkins. :) If we get the house, I’ll be sure to send you some pictures.

    Great site. I look forwarding to reading every day!

    Johanna Patterson
    Chicago Illinois

  8. says

    I LOVE garage sale-ing! I save my quarters all year so that I can spend them at sales over the summer. The summer we got married we furnished our ENTIRE apartment with garage sale furniture, minus our bed. Considering we spent a total of about$120, I think that’s pretty good!

    On another note, a question for the two of you. I have a yellow stucco house with soon to be green trim on the windows and the doors. The concrete porch needs to be painted, do you have any suggestions on a color?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      hey Jenny,

      Ooh tough question without seeing a pic (for example, green trim could be sage or evergreen or mint, etc). That being said, something soft and tan might work with both the yellow and the green- you know we love a dash of neutral to keep things classic and inviting. Hope it helps!


  9. Holly says

    Your dream house = adorable! I’m in looovvveeee!! This is perfect timing; I’m trying to decide if I should paint my front door red and these doors are about to convince me! Only problem is, I’ve got molding around the door that I don’t know what to do with – I’ve been trying to decide if I should paint it all red, leave it white, or paint the molding black to match the shutters and the door red. Decisions, decisions!

  10. priscilla says

    I’m so envious you found all those goodies for less than $12! But I’m curious (as I always am when I’m on your blog), where do you keep your books? I’ve only seen a few books lying here and there and I don’t think I’ve seen a bookshelf yet in your house…I know you guys use books to accessorize your house, but how do you choose the books you wish to have out? Is it based on color? Location? Subject? Mood?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Priscilla,

      When it comes to books, we’re usually library people so we only own a few of our favorite hardcover books (which we stack all over the place: the coffee table, the console table, the bench in the guest bedroom, etc). As for what stack of hardcover books go where, I’m afraid there’s little method to our madness. As we acquire them we just stack them anywhere and although the color of the spine might have something to do with where a book ends up (for example there’s a bright turquoise one on an ottoman in our third bedroom since it complements the duvet) most books are neutral so they can really live anywhere if they’re big hardcover lovelies.

      And you can actually see our small collection of softcover books that we keep in the top left of the guest bedroom closet right above Burger’s crate in this post (they’re less decorative so we don’t keep ‘em stacked around the house but they’re favorites none the less so we can’t quite let them go). As for the soft cover chic-lit I picked up, I doubt it’ll make it to the “keep forever” collection in the closet and will either get handed off to a friend or dropped off at Goodwill to continue the recycling fest (since they were only 50 cents each). Hope it helps!


  11. KatieK says

    I just wanted to drop a note to tell you I love your blog. I discovered it about a week ago while looking for ways to spruce up the backyard and now I’m hooked. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  12. Debra says

    Hi you two, We had a garage sale on Saturday and felt really happy that we made $965.00. We started at 8 a.m. and ended at 1 p.m.. We made profit on many antique items, but of course lost money on my like new clothes and shoes. We had a ton of people come. We have these sales about 2 times a year and it’s really fun. I have over 20 years of retail management experience, so I always set a goal at our sales and count the money frequently. We usually achieve our plan and I really believe you can’t reach a goal if you don’t set one. Anyway great scores at your garage sales, I love books and old decorating magazines and love the white birds.

  13. says

    Thanks for spotlighting forest hill! as a proud resident I am always going on and on about the charming architecture, the farmers market, and the proximity to the river. Now you have put our little hood on the map :)

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