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A Reader Redesign Goes Glossy!

When we featured Lindsay’s kitchen makeover as a Reader Redesign back in October, we never could have guessed that the people at Kitchen Makeovers (an awesome Better Homes & Garden’s special interest publication) would contact us for Lindsay’s info. Yup, they saw her before and after pics on our blog and wanted to feature her kitchen! Needless to say we were over the moon with excitement, and of course Lindsay (who just welcomed a little baby a few weeks ago) was delighted to hear about her kitchen’s impending fame.


Fast forward a few months and here’s her gorgeous and budget-friendly kitchen makeover in their Spring 2009 issue, in a column that they call Do It For Less. And do it for less Lindsay did. She only spent a mere $50 on primer & paint and her refreshed cabinets look like a million bucks.


Of course you can click the kitch above to enlarge it (and read every dirty detail) and even pick up an issue of your own for the full effect (it’s packed with lots of other yummy eye candy as well). Congratulations Lindsay- on both the gorgeous kitchen and the new bambino!

And there’s more exciting news in the pipeline. The lovely people over at Kitchen Makeovers have contacted us for more info on a few more of our Reader Redesigns and they’ve already lined up another one of our very own readers’ kitchens for their upcoming Winter issue. Stay tuned…



Basket Repurposing & Edible Decor

I try to resist the urge to let decorative accessories like candles, plants and books stagnate for too long here at Casa Petersik. It could just be the fact that I work and live in the same place so I need a little more variety than the average bear, but even sheer laziness often loses out to the fun of reworking the things that we already have in new ways. It’s hardly a weekly or even a monthly ritual, but every now and then I just can’t resist a small switcheroo here and there…

So I grabbed a round woven storage basket from the bathroom (snagged a while back at Ikea for $2) and slipped it over a basic white planter from Ikea. Voila: a woven planter basket with a ton of textural interest. Then I decided to break out an empty green seeded glass hurricane from TJ Maxx (a $5 score from a few months ago) and plopped a pillar candle into it. Still a little boring. What about using some brown rice as vase filler?


The color and the texture actually mimics the new planter basket. And you really can’t beat the price.


It’s always fun to use things in new ways, especially if they’re already on hand (ie: free). And ultimately it can actually save you money since it helps you resist the urge to run out and replace everything that you own whenever you get tired of it.


Oh and on the subjects of plants, we can’t leave without showing you our new little succulent that we snagged for $3 at Lowe’s.


It looks oh so chic in the white one-dollar Ikea planter that we already had- and speaking of using things in new ways, we LOVE to stack a few hardcover books and use them as a plant pedestal. In fact, you’ll also notice some books under our basket planter on our living room console table as well. And while we’re on the subject of hardcover books, they almost always look a lot lovelier without their plastic-y paper jackets (their fabric bindings are simple and oh so fab). So undress those books and get to stacking ‘em!


What about you guys? Do you have any objects, items, or edibles that you use in unexpected ways when it comes to home decor? Spill the beans (hey those could be vase fillers too…).