From Our House To Yours Freebie Winner!

Um, holy insane number of entrants, Batman. We’ve never topped a thousand comments on a giveaway before, let alone within the first 12 hours. And we certainly learned a few lessons along the way – like what it looks like when you guys figuratively “break” the comment bubble…


…and what happens when the volume of comments literally breaks the post entirely (some of you may have had trouble commenting on Tuesday afternoon when the slow load time disabled access to the post; we frantically added a paged-comments plug-in so now only 50 comments display per page and we shouldn’t see that issue again). Apologies to anyone who had trouble. Whew.


But enough about the crazy comments, let’s talk about the crazy awesome prizes again. Z Gallerie generously offered up four of our favorite items to one randomly-selected winner: The Large Atlantis Clam Shell, the Ceramic Rhino and two Lucerne Sconces. It’s like a giant dose of YHL arriving at your doorstep. And who’s the lucky person? It’s… Michele Keegan. Congrats!

Everyone else should keep their commenting fingers warmed up because we’ve got a trio of prizes (this time for three winners) coming up on Monday. And this one ain’t too shabby either…

Learn more about our freebies on our Giveaway FAQs page. Images courtesy of Z Gallerie.


  1. Rebecca says

    So jealous! Congrats Michele!

    I was at Michael’s and saw a clamshell. I’m sure it was no ZGallerie quality, but ogled over it as well, and it was quite a steal!

  2. Michele says

    I can’t believe that I actually won! These prizes are definitely better than winning the lottery!! I’ve already staked out a spot for the fab clamshell, and am planning to use it just like John and Sherry as a fruit bowl on my dining room table. I also have the perfect spot in my bedroom for those beautiful sconces, one on each side of our bed. I think my two kids are going to fight over the rhino though, I’m sure we’ll find the perfect home for him too. My favorite Z Gallerie in Virginia recently closed its doors, so this is even more special to receive some of my favorite accessories that I have eyed on your blog. Thanks John and Sherry! — Michele in Washington D.C.

  3. says

    Okay…after I finished laughing my bootie off at you guys previous post…by the way yall look too cute in your dancin atire..he he.. Congrat’s Michele…hey wait a minute my middle names Michelle..maybe the winner’s really me…oh wait…one L ;0) Way to go Michele!! Have fun decorating with your new loot!!

  4. Jillian says

    If only all 1788 people would have voted yesterday for the BHG challenge… you would be kicking booty!