Burning Question: Sleep Around?

I think we can all admit that sometimes we get bored by our routines and occasionally feel the need to mix things up a bit. Right?

So that’s why we’re wondering if you guys, like us, ever cheat on your master bedroom and spend the night in another room of the house? Maybe you’ve wanted to test out the guest bedroom before the in-laws visit (is the mattress a dream or a nightmare?). Or a renovation has forced you to find another sleep spot for a few nights (like when our recent floor refinishing drove us to a mattress in the den). And we can’t forget the always fun adventure of camping in your own backyard…

We don’t own a tent, but we did celebrate a recent warm night by sleeping on the daybed in our sunroom. It was a good reminder that twin beds are not designed for two adults and a squirmy chihuahua. And that the sun comes up too early. But it was a little at-home adventure none the less. Enough about us – what’s your sleep around story?


  1. Megan says

    When we were young, my brother and I had this awesome indoor tent that fit onto the matress of our single beds the way a fitted sheet does. We only had one and we fought over that thing endlessly until my mom made a “joint custody” schedule that involved tearing down the tent and putting it back together every 3 days or so. Seems like a lot of work now that I think back but it was worth it to camp in the comfort of your own bed! I wonder if they make those things for king beds? I see next year’s Christmas list taking shape already!

  2. says

    lol…Well I don’t cheat on my master bed room, but I do get tired of always having to sleep on one side of the bed. My husband usually sleeps near the alarm clock because he gets up first. So Friday and Saturday nights, we switch sides to change it up. We actually really look forward to it. I know..it’s silly but we sleep like babies those nights.

  3. Holly says

    You can find me camping out in my guest bedroom/office, sometimes as much as twice a week! The bed in there has an “egg crate” cushion and it’s soooo much more comfortable than my bed! Of course, I could purchase one for my room but just haven’t done it yet.

  4. Kim S says

    Due to an ordering snafu with our master bedroom set, we moved our old bed into the guest room about a week before our new set ended up arriving. So for that week, we got to take our previously empty, newly furnished guest room for a test run before we handed it over to any visitors we might have. I *LOVE* that bed (part of me is still sad we upgraded to a king, even though it too is very comfy) so I was completely content with getting one more week out of it! And now we can say with total confidence that we have very lucky (and well-rested) guests! :o)

  5. says

    My hubby of nine years and I love to make a pallet in front of the TV, put in a movie, cuddle and fall asleep…we’ve been doing this since we were newlyweds!

  6. says

    What funny timing – We actually just slept in our guestroom last night! We wanted to try out our new sofa bed. Plus our master bedroom is a converted attic, and it gets pretty hot and stuffy up there in the summer. The main level guestrooms are much nicer, temperature-wise. We’ve also camped out on our couch (during remodeling projects, mostly) and even on the floor when our dog was sick. Always fun to mix things up a bit.

  7. says

    I must be incredibly lame. My husband and I never stray from the master bedroom – or trade sides of the bed! You guys definitely have me thinking now, though. :)

  8. LauraC says

    You don’t own a tent?!!!! And I thought you were so normal!! ;=) That is hard to wrap my mind around, as we currently have three and that is not counting the tent I gave to my sister when we got married. But we fell in love backpacking, so I guess that explains things. We have a one-person tent, a two-person, and now, with a wee one, a “family car camping” tent. But I will say we have fit all four of us in the two-man tent and slept just dandy (exhaustion will do that to ya) – Josh, me, our then 16-month old, and Mocha, our Australian Cattle Dog who is MUCH bigger than Burger (but she sends her greetings). Yes, we have backpacked with a one-year old, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Straying from the question, sorry, but yes, we WILL be sleeping in our backyard this summer!!!!

  9. Rebecca says

    Funny question. I rarely cheat on my master bedroom, but the guest bedroom has the bed that was mine before I moved in with my fiance, so I miss it and I do sleep in it every once in awhile. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend :)

  10. Erin says

    We used to switch it up by bringing blankets and pillows into the living room to sleep on the floor (right on the carpet!). We usually watched TV or played video games into the night. Unfortunately, now that we have moved we have laminate flooring so it’s not too comfortable to do that. I miss it a lot!

  11. says

    We havent yet, but we plan on sleeping either on our screened-in porch, or in the backyard (we would have to borrow a tent though) sometime this summer.

  12. says

    I LOVE camping! Even if it’s only in the back yard. And it is so fun to mix it up every once in a while. My husband and I have been known to have slumber parties on our living room floor after we’ve fallen asleep to a movie. Also, I recognize that mountain! (I should since I’ve hiked it before.) That’s Mt. Timpanogos in Utah! Isn’t it so pretty?

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