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In My Shoes

Ever wonder what my average day looks like? I’m sure you guys picture me sleeping in, taking a bubble bath, writing a post or two, sipping some Earl Grey in the sunroom and calling it a day. Oh, if only that were true (seriously, I dream about that life). In fact, I only realized how not true it was when Camila over at High-Heeled Foot In The Door asked me to document my day for her new feature “In Her Shoes.” Man, I’m a blog nerd! I seriously need a little alarm that screeches “Step away from the laptop!”


Head on over to get the scoop about a day in the life of little ol’ me. Thanks for the fun Camila!



Burning Question: Bonus Room?

Forget the economy and play along with us for a second. Imagine that you’ve had a windfall: you’ve won a contest or by some other means you’ve been awarded the opportunity to build an addition on your home. You can add one more room, big or small, and – in the interest of making this fun – you’re not constrained by building codes, construction barriers and other limits of reality.  So – what kind of room do you add?

A cozy library or high-tech movie room? A fully-equipped home gym or a relaxing indoor pool? Maybe something a bit more practical would get you just as excited- like a huge walk-in closet to store your wardrobe or maybe a mother-in-law suite to store your, well, you know…

Can’t wait to hear what sorts of rooms you guys daydream about. Have fun!