Happy Earth Day To You

We’ve celebrated April 22nd in a number of ways over the years. For example, in 1985 I welcomed my little brother into the world (happy birthday Dan!) and in 2006 we put in an offer on a certain brick ranch and found out it was accepted later that evening. This year we’ve decided to do something especially earthy… we’re going to plan an edible garden! (Plan, not plant since many of the herbs we like need a bit longer before we dig them in).

Remember this post way back when about one of our bushes dying? We wondered what to do with the rest of the row now that one of the boxwoods bit the dust, but the overwhelming consensus was to rip out all the finicky overgrown bushes, expose more of that lovely brickwork, and start fresh.


We knew we could devote that small patch of dirt to something much more usable and functional (in fact it’s one of the only “full sun” areas in our entire almost-acre lot), so deciding to create an herb, veggie, fruit and even a bit of a cutting garden in that space excited us to no end. Don’t fresh organic food and flowers right out the back door sound like heaven? Here’s what we have so far:


Yes, there’s still lots of work to be done! And today’s as good a day as any (actually, it’s arguably better than most) to sit down with some gardening books and use trusty ol’ google to plan the rest of our garden. Other than a happy little raspberry bush (snagged for $9 at Lowe’s) and a surprise peony that sprung up from the earth (how did that get there?) we’re pretty empty.


Oh and we also transplanted a few daffodils (they never bloomed in the shade) and that tiny rosebush in the corner has always been there (poor guy was totally overrun by giant bushes his whole life- now he’s freeeeeee). We also dug in some spinach and lettuce seeds, but they’re taking their sweet time coming in. Here’s hoping they’re worth the wait!


So that’s the big Earth Day plan at Casa Petersik. What are you guys doing in celebration of good ol’ Mother Earth? Fill in the blank:

Today I’m celebrating Earth Day by ___________.

From unplugging the TV and keeping the lights off (playing cards by candlelight is always fun) to creating a compost bin, signing up for a rain-barrel workshop, or even swiching a few old bulbs out for compact florescents, there are limitless ways to show Momma E some love. Heck just bringing a ceramic mug to work can save a ton of trees. Tell us what you’re up to today! And of course any edible garden tips and suggestions are also welcome!






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