Burning Question: Yourself On A Shelf

Oprah has inspired me (how many guys have ever said that sentence?).

A few days ago, I was making dinner. Sherry was watching Oprah in the other room (i.e. drooling over Nate Berkus in the other room). That’s when I overheard Oprah say “I love seeing what’s on people’s bookshelves.” I realized I do too, and so does Sherry, so we thought we’d ask.

Pick a bookshelf or bookcase in your house and tell us 3-5 items on it that say the most about you (and why, if you’d care to explain). Maybe there’s a book you’re especially proud to have read, or one that you’re slightly embarrassed to own? Perhaps there’s a special family photo, travel souvenir or collection that you like to display? Or heck, it could even just be a decorative accessory that you think is especially telling of your style. We can’t wait to peek into your world through your bookshelf description. Sound off at the beep. Beep.







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