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Snow Day

After three years of living in Richmond with virtually no snow accumulation to speak of, Mother Nature has gone and redeemed herself in the amount of eight solid inches of white powdery fluff.


It’s gorgeous- breathtaking even. You guys know how much we like white…


In three years of homeownership we’ve seen our house coated in primer and renovation dust, but we’ve never seen it draped in a soft blanket of newly fallen snow. Bellissimo.


And since anything over an inch of snow is basically a state of emergency here in the south, it’s safe to say that John may have the next few days off. Here’s hoping…

But just because it’s a snow day doesn’t mean we’re taking blog time off. We’ll be back in a bit with some decor-related stuff and even a giveaway so stay tuned.



Bloggy Bonuses

We thought we’d use this lazy Sunday to point out a few “extras” on and around Young House Love that are new and/or new to you. So excuse this decidedly not-home-related post, but hopefully it’ll help us get to know you guys a little better and vice versa.

1. Gravatars: We finally enabled gravatars, which explains the little pictures you’ve started seeing next to certain comments. A gravatar (i.e. globally recognized avatar) is a picture you assign to your e-mail address so that picture of you (or whatever image you prefer) shows up when you post on certain blogs or forums. You can set one up here for free. Hopefully that’ll help us put more faces to names… or at least put pictures of dogs, kids, favorite flowers, etc to names.

gravatars on young house love

2. Twitter: If you’ve noticed the “Tweet Nothings” widget on our sidebar, then you probably already know that we’re on Twitter. I’m the primary tweeter between the two of us, using it to share tidbits that aren’t quite full-post-worthy and keeping you updated when we’re on the move (like if we’ve just spotted a new deal while out shopping). We’d love to mutually follow more of you, so check us out here and click “follow” under our picture. No clue what Twitter is? Watch this to get you started.

young house love twitter visual YHL tweets

3. Facebook: Many of you know we’ve also got a Facebook Fan Page, but for those who don’t, you can find us here. We love having a chance to get to know you a little better through Facebook, plus we totally appreciate you wearing us proudly on your profile for all to see. Speaking of which, if there’s ever a specific post that you want to share on Facebook (or via email) you can do it easily by using the “Share This” button that you see at the bottom of each post. We promise not to SuperPoke you in return. And if you’re really digging one of our posts, you can Digg it or Stumble Upon it using the “Share This” button as well- which would really mean a lot (and let us know what you guys love so we can give you more of that).

young house love fan page facebook

So that’s our dose of technical miscellany for the weekend. Hopefully we’ll be connecting with more of you soon. Plus, if you have any tips on the techie tools above, or suggestions for other little blog extras, we’d definitely love to hear ‘em!