She’s A Little Bit Country, I’m A Little Bit Scandinavian Classic

How About Orange always finds the best online quizzes. I think we owe Jessica for just about all of the fun, not-so-scientific peeks into our psyches that we’ve shared with you. Her latest find comes from Ikea’s business web site (which I believe is new, unless you know otherwise).

Just like the last one, this “Find Your Style” quiz  uses a series of images (color swatches, fabrics, Ikea displays) to help determine your perfect combination of styles. And- spoiler alert- this Scandinavian-based company tends to think a lot of styles include at least a bit of “Scandinavian” design. In fact, my style is called “Scandinavian Classic” and Sherry is “Scandinavian Natural.” I guess that should come as no surprise to us considering how much Ikea furniture we’ve owned in our lifetime. Here’s mine:


Sherry and I were actually surprised that our results appeared to be so similar (our selections were actually pretty different). It does say I’m slightly more Scandinavian (I am the blond one) and that Sherry’s slightly more “country” than me (although she’d argue that “cottage” is the new term for “country”). Here’s hers:


And here’s the 9-question quiz. As usual, we’d love to hear your results. Especially if you somehow managed to evade the Scandinavian descriptor. Although something tells me that might not be possible…

Screen grabs courtesy of Ikea


  1. amy says

    I took the quiz and ended up “Modern Original,” even though I scored 40% on the Scandinavian meter. :) Thanks for passing along the fun quizzes!

  2. courtneyg says

    I got “County Zen” which sounds a bit contradictory to me, but what do I know! I was 0% Modern, 40% Scandanavian, 60% Country. :)

  3. Alicia says

    I am “scandinavian natural” 40% modern, 60% scandinavian. I guess its a good thing the IKEA is opening here in charlotte in less than 2 weeks! Too bad I can’t wait that long. I will be hitting it in Atlanta this weekend. :)

  4. Shereen says

    According to the quiz, I’m ‘Scandinavian balanced,’ which is no real surprised because the word I chose from the list of words presented in one of the steps is ‘balanced.’ No real revelations there.

    However, my breakdown is 0% modern, 60% Scandinavian, and 40% country. That surprised me because I usually describe my style as modern to other people. Maybe I need to look around more and find out what other people think modern means….

  5. alh says

    Country Classic here with 0% Modern, 20% Scandinavian, & 80% Country. I guess that explains why I didn’t find too much of interest the one time I went to Ikea.

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