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Reader Redesign: The Lovely Loo

Get a load of Kelly’s budget bathroom makeover. Here’s her letter:

We’ve been working really hard on the house and it seems that the most “done” room is of course the smallest – one of the bathrooms! Here’s what the bathroom looked like when we moved in:


And this is what the bathroom looks like today after we replaced the old cracked toilet, painted the walls, replaced the light fixture, spruced up the existing counter and bought a slew of accessories:


This bathroom was redone for a total of… (DRUMROLL PLEASE!)… approximately $399!!! By shopping thrift stores and looking for good prices at big box stores it’s possible to really change a room’s look without making it look matchy matchy! – Kelly


Needless to say we love Kelly’s frugal yet fabulous makeover (click here for more details on her blog). From the new light fixture to the punchy paint, it really looks like a whole new room. And we especially love those bows on the shower curtain rings. Adorable!



How To Mix Prints & Patterns (And Scoring A $2 Pillow)

Who has two thumbs and scored a fun new crisscross pillow for $2.63? This girl.

A recent trip to Bed Bath & Beyond ended in one of my best scores to date. Digging through the discount pillow bin yielded this beauty that was marked down by 50% and then marked down again, this time by 75% off the sale price. Yup, for just $2.50 plus thirteen cents of tax, this crazy beautiful lattice pillow came home with me. Look how happy it is on the bed with its other pillow friends:


A lot of people ask us how to mix patterns and prints, and this new pillow conveniently demonstrates a few of our favorite pattern mixing tips. First of all, you want one of the prints or patterns to be a larger scale, more bold pattern (the pillow) while the other pattern is smaller in scale and a bit more subtle (the duvet cover). It’s usually a good idea for the smaller sized item to be the more bold piece (ex: a subtle small-scale patterned armchair paired with a graphic large-scale patterned pillow). Although we’ve seen some majorly dramatic rooms with large geometric or floral patterns in the curtains or even on the walls that knock our socks off, so it can go either way.

The other thing to keep in mind when you’re mixing and matching would be to try to keep the patterns or prints in the same color family. Thanks to the similar tone found in both the duvet cover and the pillow they don’t seem to be fighting each other and can peacefully coexist in our peaceful master bedroom. Here’s the close up. Isn’t she a beaut?


And here’s my receipt. Gotta love a cheap thrill every now and then.


Especially one that makes the cashier do a double take. She couldn’t believe the price. And I couldn’t believe my luck.  Here’s to major markdowns and digging through those clearance bins! Happy hunting…