Guest Blogger: Hamburger Petersik

Some of you might not know that Burger’s full first name is actually Hamburger. And you also might not know that we named him two years before we ever got him when we first started dating and agreed that it was the best dog name ever (other favorites: Meatball and Tyra Banks). You also might notice the occasional typo from time to time. I blame Hamburger. Look at how unaware he is of his errant appendages when he sleeps:

burger guest blogger young house love

Sherry snapped this shot of him randomly poking his arm out across her keyboard as she worked. And after she took the picture, he looked up at her as if she was the one in the way:

hamburger the chihuahua is blogging

Look at those cold, accusing eyes.

Do any of you have pets who like to interfere with your daily routine? My parents’ cat likes to sit right on the newspaper as they try to read, and he’s been known to walk across the computer keyboard mid email. But at least he’s not on Facebook superpoking us or anything…


  1. Sarah says

    our dog is 30 lbs, but he insists on sitting on your lap when you’re at the computer… and don’t you dare move the mouse, b/c it’s an instant game of dog vs mouse. oy! p.s. he’s here now… he says hi to burger haha

  2. Rachel says

    Yes! Smoky, my boyfriend’s cat, has walked across the laptop numerous times this morning and is sitting between me and the keyboard as I type this.

  3. elizabeth says

    Ruby, one of our golden retrievers, goes to work with me everyday. She has a major paper fetish, so when she feels like she’s not getting enough attention or just gets bored, she pulls paper out of the recycling bin and holds it so that it hangs out of her mouth. She doesn’t chew it, just holds it. Her other endearing attention-getting behaviors are pulling all the dog toys out of my briefcase, pulling dollar bills out of wherever she can find them, and pushing tennis balls in your lap. She also treks all the way up the the third floor so that she can visit everyone up there and get all the office gossip!

  4. says

    My cat likes to lay on my arms while I type on pc. Very hard to type that way. The dog will whine and paw me sometimes if she needs something or really wants some attention. Pets always interfere with my techie life. ;-)

  5. says

    I’ve been known to shove the Hubs off the couch so that our dog Hiro can have the other half. Is that so wrong?

    Adorable Burger; I love the accusing look. When I feed Hiro, he stands there and peers at his food bowl, then peers at me appraisingly. Like he knows I can give him more than that b/c there’s a whole container of food in the closet. Like he knows it wouldn’t kill us to give him a steak every once in a while.

  6. Erin J says

    This post is so cute and funny! Love it!

    My 70 lb dog insists on sleeping stretched across my pillow and my fiance’s pillow…even though said pillows are already occupied with our heads. Yes, it’s quite interesting.

  7. says

    My old cat used to love to play with the pencil or pen when I was writing things. I would hand in homework with random scribbles on it because it was just too cute to make her stop!

  8. monica says

    you’re going to get a ton of comments on this one, i bet! :) my dog likes to come and sit next to me and rest her chin on the corner of my laptop. if i’m at the desktop computer, she will use her nose to nudge my hand off the mouse and onto her head. :)

    ps – hi burger!

  9. says

    My parents’ doberman/lab mix, Rocky, used to climb onto the couch when we were all on there and lean into us intil one of us would give up to the crushing wait and move! Apparently, he thought the couch belonged to him.

    P.S. Any suggestions for my cuckoo clock dilemma?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Natalie,

      Have you tried Urban Outfitters or Fred Flare? They might have cost effective alternatives. You also might want to try (search “cuckoo clock” and see what comes up- they pull a lot of products from other sites so you can search tons of places at once). Hope it helps! Of course you can always frame our cuckoo clock print… that might be quite fetching actually!


  10. says

    I love how pets are like this!

    We have no pets. We go back and forth between the US and Europe too much to want to put a pet through the stress. :( Your post made me smile.

  11. says

    Burger is so cute. Niski, our dachshund, loves to follow the cook around the kitchen. We call her our vacuum wiener. I can’t lie down on the couch without her snuggling up on my back behind my neck. Cheek to cheek. And our cat, Sneaks, lives and works at my husband’s office. He’s Vice President of Public Relations. haha

  12. says

    My kitten has taken to sleeping on my boyfriends mac book, she leaves us lovely little essays while we’re gone. My older cat enjoys sleeping on any important papers one might leave out and the dog enjoys sleeping on freshly washed laundry so as to impart his special smell.

  13. says

    My littlest yorkie-poo named Biscuit loves to jump up on my desk as I work. He has been known to sit right down on the keyboard to face you as if he is saying “how dare you give your attention to that computer instead of me!”…
    Oh the joy of having little doggies running around the house!

    Biscuit tells Burger hi!!!!

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