On The Road Again: Beach Fronts

When our family left town after Christmas last week, we were faced with two options: hang out in our still somewhat-fume-y house (thanks new floors) or escape to my parents’ beach house for a mini-vacation. Decisions, decisions…

So that’s how we found ourselves on the Delaware coast enjoying a few relaxing days of holiday detox. And although it wasn’t bathing suit weather, we did score one unseasonably warm 68-degree day that was perfect for walking the boardwalk sans sweaters. And of course, we brought the camera along to snap a few photos of the envy-inducing beach architecture.

Check out this beachy behemoth that stands a few blocks from the ocean. It shows that if you’re gonna go big, you’d better make a grand entrance. We love those wide steps, window-flanked doors and broad stone path. However, we don’t love the idea of keeping a house that size clean…


On to something not quite as massive: this cottage-y home with a classy rounded stone stairway. We love that they didn’t pass up the opportunity to do something interesting with the often overlooked front steps.


Speaking of stacked stone landscaping, Sherry was pining after the nicely manicured plant beds of this Rehoboth Beach home (which, btw, look pretty lively for December). I, on the other hand, wanted those big picture windows…


…or maybe I just wanted their lakeside view (not to mention they were mere blocks from the beach).


This new construction was up for sale (though no pamphlets were left to check the price, bummer) and we were digging its classic facade, crisp color scheme and welcoming wraparound porch.


But what really caught our eye was its mini-backyard that featured a baby in-ground swimming pool. A reminder to us all that there are understated ways to get your swim on, even if you don’t have a huge piece of land to dig into.


And as much as we love a classic tan-with-white-trim exterior color scheme, having a home at the beach is a great excuse to be brave with color. This one takes baby steps into that bold world with a bright aqua door and a matching stained glass window above. Not a bad start, eh? And we love the crisp stone path and the feathery grasses that flank it- a perfect play on textures.


This home scored big points with us for its Americana vibe. It was sheer genius to use red adirondak chairs to accent the blue and white facade- so much more inventive than expected white ones.


Meanwhile, this bungalow across the street was giving off a bit of a Mediterranean vibe. I don’t think we could ever pull off yellow shutters, but the idea of a deep blue tin roof is very intriguing indeed.


Once on the boardwalk, most of the homes were towering examples of modern construction of which I’m happy not to have seen the price tags. But it was actually this modest beachfront home that called our name. This little guy shows that even a simple decorative railing can really up the curb appeal, even amongst the mansions.


By this point we started to get more distracted by the sand and water, so our camera lens kinda strayed from the rest of the beach front homes. We’ll leave you with this shot of Burger showing off his buff beach bod. Feel free to share it with your female pooches, but be warned- he’s a real heart breaker.


That concludes our report from the beach. We’re already back to reality (i.e. Richmond) but our fleeting taste of sun and sand has us crossing our fingers for summer to come quick.


  1. Sandy says

    What a perfect way to detox from the holidays! Lovin’ the tour – these homes are gorgeous – they reminds me of the beautiful homes on Cape Cod and the Islands.

  2. says

    What a nice break for me to enjoy your beach front tour – it’s about 22 degrees here. Loved the houses, I’ll take any of them! Have a good day!

  3. Becca says

    Hey – that’s crazy! We vacation across the street from the blue-roofed home every summer… Norfolk Street, right?

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