Oh My Gourd.

Yup, I did it. Last night I looked lovingly at John and batted my eyes until he agreed to… take me back to Target’s Home Design Event to snag my beloved gourd lamp! After nights of laying in bed fantasizing about the smoky glass base and the generous linen shade (which we featured at the end of the list here) I had to make at least one of ’em mine. And after walking around the house debating where my new favorite lamp could live (always an important step before the purchase) we opted for the guest bedroom, and off to Tar-jay we went.

Look how happy this lamp makes me. I didn’t even bother to take off my coat before sweeping her off her feet and into the guest bedroom. Smell ya later piddly old lamp in the background, there’s a new girl in town- and she’s eats lamps like you for breakfast.


And now for a few more shots of her in all of her gourdy glory:



Gourd-geous, no? And get this. Our baby was marked down from her original $89 price tag to just 54 smackaroos thanks to the recent Home Design Event sale (some items are already 50% off so be sure to grab the goods before they’re gone). And thanks to the fact that we just saw nearly-identical-but-not-as-cool oversized glass gourd lamps at Big Lots for $150 a pop (!) we obviously feel pretty darn good about our score.

How about you guys? Any plans to snag some Home Design Event stuff before it sells out? Anything you’ve already grabbed that you’re loving? Tell Sherry all about it.


  1. Katie says

    I think I might have to buy a pair of those gray chairs, and maybe one of the rugs… I bought a mirror for our 1/2 bath, but I might return it because I think it’s too small :-( If I return the mirror, does that mean I’m allowed to buy the chairs???

  2. Kristin says

    I bought the same lamp last week for $44 and put it in my living room…I love it! I had to be careful though when picking mine out b/c a couple of them had broken glass floating around inside and were scratched. FYI I bought this lamp at a Target in Winchester, VA about an hour from where I live near DC…the price difference between my Target and the Winchester Target was $18!

  3. says

    Your title totally cracked me up! I love it. And I love the lamp – particularly the shade…gotta love the texture!

    I need to go tonight…got a $10 off coupon in the mail for Tarjay and your post is just what I needed to make a shop stop :)

    We seriously need to schedule a shopping/twilight movie/sleepover – my house or yours? Another must = interpretive dance marathon…I am sure John & Jeremy will join in once they hear the Enya.

    XO – Katie

  4. EvY says

    I want the rug Heater is getting but would a rug look good on carpet that you own and don’t rent and can’t rip up? No, therefore I will just love it from afar, along with two of the grey ottomans. However, I did buy one of the small kitchen rugs and it was indeed 30% off its original price.

  5. Julie says

    I love the new lamp, but I really liked the old one too! I’ve been thinking of going to get one similar to the old…

  6. Erin says

    i got the spearmint solitude wallpaper to line back of linen closet with (its open)

    i loooooooooove the grey chairs – wish i could put them somewhere!!!!

  7. landry says

    Yay, good for you! I got that lamp as well and the beautiful wing back chair and the green glass lamp and the GORGEOUS wooden chest! oops…i went a little out of control…man i love target!

  8. says

    I got the green lamp that is a little smaller the other night. I’m not sure if I’m liking it where I originally intended to use it, but I think it’ll find a permanent home somewhere in my house. The Target near my work had the whole Home section 30% off. I was very surprised.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Yeah, from what we hear, every Target (along with target.com) is offering at least 30% off the entire Home Design Event and sometimes even more. I’m so glad to hear that you guys are taking advantage of the sweet prices while things last. Our store was looking pretty picked over last night, so I would guess that there are just a few more days of easy shopping before it turns into a hit-up-multiple-stores-in-search-of-their-last-rug/lamp/mirror/chair situation.

      And Julie, please don’t waste a moment fretting about our old guest bedroom lamp, we already found him a great new home in the 3rd bedroom on my little craft table (he’ll be with us a loong loong time since he’d be equally as cute in a nursery someday or even on my desk in the den). In short, it’s also a great lamp investment so go for it!

      Thanks so much for sharing your Target spoils with us everone! Keep it comin’.

      And Katie, you had me at interpretive dance marathon. Done and done.


  9. says

    Oooh! That lamps looks so much better in the space, very pretty and substantial. My husband and I hit the home event at Target today since we had no school due to inclement cold! I got a couple of circular decorative pieces…kinda hard to explain.

    P.S. We made a stop at Border’s and I picked up a couple magazines, and what do I see? You youngsters all over the Do It Yourself magazine {which I love by the way}! The article was great and I went running over to my husband proclaiming “I know them!…well, sort of” hehe!

  10. erin says

    Erin- i saw you said you got the spearmint solitude wallpaper… is it a mint green or more like a minty-aqua???

    does anyone know?

    i was at target last weekend and we decided to get the huge sunflower mirror (kind of nelson-clock like) for the wall behind our dining table. our dining table is big… so that wall was calling for something grand. i wanted almost everything from that design event though. gotta love target!

    now im wanting that lamp! lol. but my hubby says i have too many lamps :( which i s’pose i kind of do seeing that i have 3 in a closet with no home.

    guest room looks great!

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