Burning Question: Resolution Roundup

We’ve only recently become resolution people, but oh how quickly Sherry and I have embraced this New Year’s tradition. We’ll spare you all of the personal “improvements” that we’re going to tackle in oh-nine, but we do have a couple of home related resolutions on our list. I, for one, want to tap into my inner carpenter this year and build something – even if it’s just a few flower boxes for the front porch (and the back windows above the patio if Sherry has her way). And Sherry’s making a resolution to hone her entertaining skills by having more friends over for dinner, game nights, etc.

How ’bout you guys? Are you into the whole resolution thing? If so, we wanna know what yours are- especially if they involve any home improvement projects or DIY skillz that you’ve been itching to break out. And who knows, maybe writing them here for all to see will help everyone stick to ‘em a little better. Here’s hoping we do…






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