Burning Question: Down Boy?

A recent comment on an older post got us wondering: what’s your policy when it comes to pets on the furniture? Do you think all four-legged friends belong on the floor? Or do you welcome them on the sofa for some family snuggling? This debate raged on over at Decorno last month, so we thought we’d get your take too.

The Casa Petersik stance is pretty obvious…


We might feel differently if Burger were 10 times bigger or a bit less polite (at barely 9 pounds and after thirty obedience classes, he’s no longer a threat to our furnishings). But we completely understand why my sister’s 70 pound pooch is banned from her new Crate & Barrel sofa (and know they don’t love him any less for sweetly setting boundaries for their fur baby). Where do you guys stand when it comes to man’s best friend and man’s favorite furnishings? Dish the doggie (and kitty) dirt.






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