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The latest R. Home magazine has hit the newsstands and you know what that means…


Our monthly column is out! Last issue we talked about unexpected ways to decorate with ornaments and this month we’re back with fresh and fun ways to create custom art on a serious budget. There’s no shortage of affordable everyday objects that you can use to make a masterpiece of your very own (keys, wrapping paper, greeting cards, photographs, spray paint, fabric, corks, matchbooks… the sky’s the limit). So click here to read our latest column and unleash your inner Picasso.


And of course you can subscribe to R. Home magazine right here if you prefer to peruse things in all their glossy glory (like a certain chihuahua we know). A slew of other mags like Richmond Magazine, Dine, R. Healthy, and Richmond Bride are all included in the subscription price and of course they feature images (like our dorky headshot) that aren’t visible online.


  1. says

    And I’m loving the triptych idea. I probably would have thought to blow up three similar pictures and frame together, but the idea to split one picture into three is great.

  2. says

    I love this article! The key idea really got me thinking… I’m considering doing it in a shadow box and titling it
    “Our house, is a very, very, very fine house.” (tribute to Crosby Stills Nash & Young)

    I framed little pieces of my wedding in a shadow box in our loft – I have my husband’s cuff links in there, a piece from my dress when it was being fitted, our escort cards, and fun pieces from our day. then I hung vertical and horizontal photos from the wedding around it with all the frames touching to make a unique collage that looks like one big piece of art on the wall. It’s my happy focal point in our living room.

  3. Blair says

    My parents bought me a subscription to Richmond magazine for Christmas to celebrate my recently-purchased first home here in the RIC. The first thing I asked was “Does it come with R.Home?!?”

    I am such a YHL addict.

  4. says

    My feelings on animals on the furniture – it is their (pet’s) home, not yours. Set rules in your own home, not someone else’s.

    Just frustrating b/c I hear the same thing from folks in my own home. My pets live here – you don’t.

    Just an opinion – no harm, no foul.

  5. caligurl says

    yep…… our pets are allowed on the funiture in THEIR house! you don’t like it….. you don’t have to visit!

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