We’re In Therapy (And We Need Your Vote!)

Ok, so who left the back door open over at Apartment Therapy? Somehow we managed to sneak our way into the final 8 nominations for The Homies (their award for the best home blog of 2008). Seriously unexpected and totally amazing.

homies 2008 apartment therapy young house love

What an honor to see ourselves listed among some of the biggest names in home blogging. We owe a huge thank you, er, homie-style fist pound to everyone who took the time to name drop us on last week’s nomination post.  And another to the editors at Apartment Therapy for thinking we’re worthy. Heck, let’s make it a group hug.

And while being nominated is enough to make our 2009 before it even starts, we’d be crazy not to politely* ask for your endorsement. So CLICK HERE and take a moment to rock the vote. The polls close next Tuesday (1/6) at 8pm EST. ‘Til then, play on playas…

*This is the kind of “polite” that involves lots of groveling and brown-nosing. Did we mention you look stunning today, by the way?


    • YoungHouseLove says

      You’re definitely not the only one having trouble voting!

      What we found worked for us (of course we voted for ourselves- every vote counts, right?) was logging in and hitting refresh a couple of times until the “answer survey” button became active (un-grayed). And if it’s still not working we’d love a comment saying that you tried to vote for Young House Love and it didn’t work. We’re not sure if they’ll count the commented votes but it certainly can’t hurt, right?

      Thanks so much to everyone for their amazing support! We love you all.

      Big wet kiss,
      Sherry (& John)

  1. says

    So glad I came by so I didn’t miss this! I voted – and I sent the link to my mom/sister and co-worker who all love your blog in case they got busy over the holidays and missed this post, too! Best of luck!

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