How Do You Do?

We did it. We combed our archives to cobble together a little collection of our most popular how-to posts on one convenient place (the “how-to” tab right under the header). We’ve arranged everything by category, so whether you’re looking for help unclogging a drain, upholstering a headboard, getting rid of carpet dents, replacing door hardware, switching out your thermostat, painting your kitchen cabinets, or hosting a yard sale we’ve gotcha covered. And oh so much more…


Of course we’ll keep right on updating it as we churn out more tuorials so feel free to drop in on our new page whenever the urge to swankify strikes. Happy hammering/hanging/painting/staining/upholstering/wiring/caulking/crafting/decorating/renovating!


  1. says

    Man you guys are awesome. Please let me know when you get your own show. I have a few (coughing) things I could use your help with! Thanks I have a lot to read over on your site.

  2. Nina says

    This is great! Just last night I was browsing through all of your entries because I remembered something from a while back- now it’s so much easier! If you ever get bored: pictures for the how-to’s would be great, that would make it even easier to find something.
    I’m still amazed how much energy you put into this blog! You guys are a great source of inspiration!! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. says

    Love the item posted “Negoitate a good deal, really good advice, especially as it looks like money will be tight in 2009. I tried the share it button as I thought it would go well with my “buying in the sales” tips, but I’m new to the blogging game. Just love this site, and have voted on apartment therapy for you!

  4. Laura Lynn says

    So yesterday a bunch of water was spilling out of the dishwasher. This happened to us shortly after we bought our house because the dishwasher was broken and the sellers “forgot” to have it fixed. Another story…
    Anyway, cleaned up the water on the floor, then both sides of the sink were full of water. My husband said we needed to rent a snake thing and I thought it was the dishwasher. So then I wanted to check out your post for the day and lo and behold, you had this “how to” tab and I saw how to unclog a sink. It looked exactly like ours (minus the cool accessories.) It was a full on clog, mini volcano – and snaking it worked. No more spaghetti for a while…
    So, thanks for your new page! My husband thanks you too – you proved him right!

  5. heather says

    Great idea! I just took a look to see what you have and there are some great articles. My only suggestion is that you change the titles so that articles (the, a, an) and prepositions are not capitalized. Sorry, the writer in me cringes when I read the page and your site looks so professional other than that!

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2009!

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