Clue #4: Behind The Curtain

We’re back with another daily clue about the latest home improvement project that has officially overtaken our entire home. We’ve already revealed that we had to take our Christmas tree down a week early, that we completely cleared out our guest bedroom, and that we’re shaking in our boots (it’s freezing around here!). On to clue #4: we were forced to hang a curtain between the kitchen and the living room due to construction dust.


Now that clue number four has come and gone, do you guys have any more guesses about our impending revelation? Let the daily predictions begin.


  1. Jackie G. says

    Ok my guess is you are adding a second floor and the second room is where you will bump up the celling and add the staircase to go up…

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Elizabeth- the big reveal is just days away (4 to be exact- we’re dropping the bomb on Monday) so stay tuned…

      s (& j)

  2. SJS says

    umm…I think I need to watch your home video again to see the layout of the space. could it be the guest bedroom and kithchen is going to become a kitchen dinner?

  3. says

    I still stand by my plaster guess. Plaster is messy and you can’t have a hot house for it to dry properly.
    “Temperature also plays an important role as well. It’s best to maintain a room temperature of 55 degrees to 70 degrees while plastering. The room you’re working in will need to be at this temperature at least 24 hours before plastering to ensure that the walls are completely dry. It must stay at this temperature during plastering and until the plaster has completely set”. via,,diy_13938_3685862,00.html

    I may be wrong but I do the proper research for my “guessing”. :-)

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