Clue #3: Draft Dodging

We’re back with our third clue of the week as we inch towards Monday when we’ll finally unveil the major home improvement project that recently wreaked havoc on our home. We’ve already revealed that we took the Christmas tree down a week early and completely cleared the guest bedroom so on to clue #3: we’re freezing our buns off.

Yes, here at Casa Petersik the Christmas spirit is literally in the air (we could have sworn we saw our breath this morning) so blankets, sweaters and hot cocoa are all in heavy rotation. Any new guesses? Did we sufficiently confuse you? We promise this will all make sense on Monday so stay tuned…


  1. Laura says

    I am convinced you’re losing that second guest room and adding the master bath you were daydreaming about last month! I couldn’t be happier for you and am planning to steal all of your ideas for my own renovation. :)

  2. jbhat says

    Either you are going up or you are going out…fun! Or what they said (in the comments before mine). I’m actually not sure!

    Merry Christmas eve, Youngsters. Thank you for your gift of your wonderful, clever, inspiring blog. It’s the gift that keeps on giving to all of us.


  3. cara says

    i would say a new heating system, a more efficient one. or a second floor.

    @ erica: for new windows, you really don’t have to do anything other than move things that are around the windows. they’re usually installed from the outside.

  4. Rebecca says

    Strange.. is it just me or does the header of the page really actually says, “Clue #4: Pack It Up Pack It In”. This is getting really mysterious

  5. YoungHouseLove says

    Oops, you caught our typo Rebecca. We switched up the order and name of this post and apparently forgot to change it in one spot. Good catch. And yes, things are getting quite mysterious indeed…

    Stay tuned for the big reveal on Monday. ‘Til then, Merry Christmas!


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